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    Our Favourite Plant Based Spots In London

    From rejuvenating smoothie bowls to artisanal teas, each cafe is a sanctuary for those seeking a holistic approach to health. Join us in discovering London's wellness scene, where every bite and sip is a step toward vitality and balance.

    By Sophie Bronstein / Dec 18 2023

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    1. holy carrot

    Harnessing the importance of ethically sourced, plant-based, seasonal produce, Holy Carrot’s menu puts the excitement back into vegan food. But the best bit for us? The majority of dishes are gluten and refined sugar-free, as well as free from preservatives and additives (the nasty kind).

    2. acai girls

    With two stunning London locations, The Acaí Girls have really got your back when it comes to ensuring everything on their menu contains foods with micro-nutritional benefits. Plus - tonnes of vegan, gluten and dairy-free dish options.


    3. farm girl

    If you’re looking for a menu that’s brimming with different types of coffees and teas (including matcha, chai and lavender-based beauties), look no further. Pop down to one of five Farm Girl locations for a caffeine kick, accompanied by the ultimate healthy (but dreamy) breakfast.

    4. farmacy

    This is healthy, plant-based seasonal food at its very best - deliciously served in one of London’s most gorgeous locations.

    5. plants by deliciously ella

    The menu that has the largest range of natural, plant-based savoury and sweet dishes that seriously hit the spot. Our recommendation? The pesto lasagne, or the mixed bean stew with crispy kale. You can thank us later!

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