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    Podcasts We Are Listening To For The Mind, Body, and Soul

    Nourish your mind, body, and soul with our curated selection of Podcasts we are listening to. Immerse yourself in transformative conversations that elevate your wellbeing. Explore a diverse range of topics covering mental health, physical vitality, and spiritual growth. Tune in to insightful discussions, expert interviews, and inspiring stories that resonate with the essence of holistic living.

    By Katie Silcox / Jan 04 2024

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    Tracing Saturn’s orbit to examine the opportunities of change, understanding the science behind happiness, and holistic health, and learning how to best feed our bodies, stand up for ourselves, change our mindset, and celebrate failure, are the themes discussed in these thoughtful, supportive, and sympathetic podcasts. 


    Whether on your lunch break, in the bath, on the bus, or before you sleep: turn on, tune in, and continue your journey towards becoming your best self. 

    1. the happiness lab with dr laurie santos

    Hosted by Laurie Santos, a Professor of Psychology at Yale, The Happiness Lab is a scientific approach about what it means - and takes - to be happy. The podcast discusses wide-ranging topics that have an impact on our own personal happiness including regret, anger, anxiety, and burnout, as well as ways to mitigate them. 


    It also brings up questions about what truly makes us happy (clue: it’s not money, social media likes, or designer clothes). Santos’ seminars at Yale are not only the most popular in the university’s history, but also went viral during lockdown. This is a popular pod for good reason and it’s time to jump on the happiness bandwagon. 


    Listen here

    2. the mindset + me, kirsty raynor

    Kirsty Raynor is, in her own words, obsessed with helping others overcome mindset blocks. Raynor is a mindset coach, meditation leader, and business owner and her podcast is dedicated to lifting listener’s mindsets in order to achieve their goals.


    Raynor’s business acumen and credentials, in combination with her deep knowledge of meditation, makes this a stand-out podcast, as she really has all the tools to make a tangible difference. With varying guests (including our founder, Harriet Sweeney) sharing their own strategies for success, and a five minute meditation to end the discussion, a listen to this podcast on your morning walk or commute is sure to get you fired up for the day ahead. 


    Listen here

    This is modern day feminism at its finest. Hosted by Florence Given, author of the best-selling books Women Don’t Owe You Pretty and Girlcrush, the list of topics covered is almost endless but centres around pillars including sex, feminism, body image, and relationships. 


    Each is further broken down into smaller themes such as self-love, queer dating, boundaries, catfishing, purpose, and much (much!) more. Explored in conversation with cultural commentators, celebrities, and psychologists including Mary Portas, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Gabi Abrão, aka @sighswoon, expect serious conversations but with nuanced thought, curiosity, empowerment, and laughs-a-plenty.  


    Listen here


    Failure is something that many of us don’t handle well, yet it is an integral part of life that leads to learning and often to brighter days, too. Journalist and novelist, Elizabeth Day, recognises this in her popular podcast, How to Fail. Drawing on her own experience, and that of other well-known guests, Day hosts honest conversations - with people who have found success - about things that didn't go quite as planned or anticipated. 


    Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the latest guest, and other recent names include Trinny Woodall, Lorraine Kelly, Greta Thunburg, and Melanie Chisholm (yes, of Spice Girls fame). Listening to these conversations with people who - from the outside - seem to have it all, is a lesson in understanding that failure is more commonplace than we might initially perceive, and in celebrating what it can teach us. We’re all human after all.  


    Listen here

    In astrological terms, your Saturn Return is a transit tha happens when Saturn, the planet, returns to the same place in the sky as it was when you were born. Though it only happens once every 27-29 years, it's believed to be a period of transition and a time when big changes occur in your life. 


    Caggie Dunlop explores the theme of change in her podcast, Saturn Returns, speaking with expert guests and delving into what change means for us, ways in which we can handle it, and the opportunities it may present. The podcast’s popularity and the way in which it has resonated with a wide audience has given life to a book of the same theme and two IRL events with Caggie; in London’s Cadogan Hall and Manchester’s Stoller Hall. All three coming in January 2023.  


    Listen here

    Lisa Snowden needs no introduction. One of Britain's top models (who has also hosted the TV show of the same name), Snowden has featured on the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire among other modelling work, lent her time - and name - to charities, plus graced our TVs and radios on multiple occasions, most recently in Celebrity Masterchef 2022. 


    She’s also the host of Get Lifted, the podcast dedicated to holistic health covering physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of it. In her series of interviews with doctors, therapists, scientists, and more, she discusses wide-ranging topics such as sleep, breathing, energy, plant power, and meditation. Her final episode of the series, Menopause Madness, helps further open the discussion around menopause, thanks to her honest and authentic conversation about her real-life experiences of it.


    Listen here

    Feeding our bodies well is one of the most important life-skills we can learn and, in her Food for Thought podcast, nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert shares evidence-based guidance and information to help you distil the facts from the fiction. 


    Indeed, this is why Lambert started the podcast in the first place; tired of seeing misleading - or just plain wrong - information on food adverts and labels, she’s on a mission to share facts that will help us live a healthier lifestyle. Though focussed on food and nutrition, this podcast also discusses fitness, happiness, and more, to help aid a more holistic life-balance in an accessible way. 


    You can also visit Lambert's Harley Street clinic, Rhitrition, or delve into her book, Re-Nourish for extra inspiration and guidance. Because sometimes, we all need a little help when it comes to treating our bodies right.

    Listen here

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