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    What I Learned From My First Human Design Reading: A Deep Dive on Human Design

    Join me on a personal exploration into the world of Human Design through our article, where I share the revelations from my first reading. Discover the profound insights and lessons learned as we take a deep dive into this unique system. Uncover the intricacies that Human Design unveils about personality, providing a transformative guide for personal growth.

    By Anna Myers  / Jan 17 2024

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    You know we love all things astrology here at Dandy -–we’re currently curating an “Astrology 101: The Basics” series, which you can check out here, and we’ll never tire of finding new and fascinating ways of learning more about ourselves, the cosmos, and our collective alignment. Well, lucky for us, we stumbled upon Human Design, and have been obsessed ever since. 


    For the uninitiated, Human Design is a mix between Astrology and something more in line with Enneagram or Myers-Briggs types: it categorises each one of us as one of four different types, and rumour has it that learning more about your design type and how you best shine in the world could totally upend how you live your life in the very best way. 


    It might seem like a far off woo-woo concept (this month’s Dandy theme, rejoice!) but it’s actually rooted in ancient holistic practices and has very practical teachings. I recently met with Taylor Khoury, Human Design guide, mindset coach and entrepreneur, to learn more about my personal design, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about her teachings and insights. Oh, you’re curious? Good!


    Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Human Design.

    what is human design + how can it help you live your best life?

    The Human Design System was founded by Alan Robert Krakower, known by his pseudonym Ra Uru Hu, who developed the fundamentals of this practice after having a mystical experience. According to the Jovian Archive, Ra Uru Hu’s website, Human Design is “a map to understand your genetic nature better.” 


    What does that mean, in practice? 

    Well, much like astrology, it all starts from a chart based on your time, date, and location of birth. However, while the first looks at where the planets were in the sky at the moment of your birth, the latter incorporates elements from ancient teachings such as the Hindu chakras, Chinese iChing, Kabbalah and the Tree of Life with elements of quantum physics and modern personality science and understanding. 

    The result is a “body graph” that is entirely unique to each individual, and learning more about each of its elements can help people live with more freedom, ease and purpose. 


    Human Design is really a way to dive into your subconscious and look straight into your soul, so you can gain a new perspective on who you are and how you can best move through the world. By understanding who you are and how you can best harness your energy and gifts, you can shed society’s conditioning and truly step into who you were always meant to be.

    mind + spirit

    the five human design types

    Human Design counts four different energy types that it categorises people into ––think of them like star signs, or personality types, in the sense that knowing and tuning into your personal energy type, or design, can really enhance your life experience and help you understand yourself better. 


    Your energy type illustrates how you make decisions, find clarity, and exchange your special sauce with the world.


    The Five Human Design types are Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Let’s go over them: 

    1. manifestors

    Manifestors are trailblazers and energetic leaders. They light the match, they experience bursts of energy, and are here to initiate, inform and get things moving.

    2. generators

    Generators are led by life force and desires: by listening to their gut and tapping into their intuition, they lift up others and energise everyone around them. 

    3. manifesting generators

    Manifesting Generators (ManGens) are multi-passionate beings! As a mix of the first two types, they get “the best of both worlds” and can both start entire movements as well as turn things around on a simple gut feeling. 

    4. projectors

    Projectors have a unique perspective on the world, and they have a special gift for improving their industry or niche and making everything flow more efficiently thanks to new systems or perspectives. .

    5. reflectors

    Reflectors are super rare (they make up 1% of the population!) and their gift is being deeply sensitive to their surroundings, as well as sensing other people’s emotions. They can see through what most of us cannot, and have a particularly empathetic and shapeshifting energy. 

    other elements of human design

    During your first Human Design reading, you won’t stop at just analysing your Energy Type ––that would be like doing an astrological consultation and only finding out what your Sun Sign is!

    We won’t go into too much detail here, as to not throw too much at you and only give you an overview of the practice, but the other elements in Human Design are: 


    • Your Authority, which is your inner compass, the element that breaks down how to best make decisions and find clarity.
    • Your Profile, which is your personality, the element that breaks down your learning style and how you connect with others.
    • The Four Arrows, which illustrate specifics for your ideal day, digestion style, ideal environment, commitment style, and other similar cues you’ll want to learn about when it comes to living your most aligned and in-flow life. 

    my experience doing my first human design reading

    When I booked my reading, I didn’t know much about Human Design. All I knew was that a reading could help me make more aligned everyday choices and shed a light on my emotional desires and best health practices, but also ideal movement schedules, eating habits, and much more. 


    During the course of my introduction to Duman Design, I was able to find a deeper connection to my life purpose and to the many ways that I can let my unique gifts and quirks shine. I came away from my session with actionable steps to find more ease, alignment, freedom and success in both my personal life and my career, and it gave me a whole new perspective on what I’m here to learn, do, and excel at. 


    You can easily find a human design guide in your area on Google or Instagram: MyHumanDesign and I Am Livy are both UK-based, for example. Make sure to get a feel for the way the practitioner works, and try to tap into your intuition when it comes to how they come across ––there’s no right or wrong answers here, it all depends on what you’re looking for!

    discover your human design profile on your own

    If you’re not quite ready to invest in a 1-to-1 reading just yet, but are interested in Human Design, you can find out your personal energy type by getting your free chart here or here. 


    It has all the information you need to start learning more about your type, profile, authority, arrows, and so much more!

    Remember: when you understand your design, you better understand your soul. Your energetic blueprint is a powerful manifestation of everything in you that is ready to burst: stop getting in your own way with Human Design, and get ready to live your best life.

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