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    How To Manifest Self-Love

    Anna Myers

    From influencer videos on TikTok telling you how to become your best self to your friend advising you how to get over an ex, self-love has been pushed into our lives a lot over the last few years and must seriously be one of the most commonly used phrases out there. 

    But, what really is self-love, why ​​is it so important, and how can you manifest it?

    Well, in this article, we’re going to be answering all of these questions and more, helping you cultivate more confidence, gratitude for yourself, and self-esteem. So, hop aboard the self-love train and let’s go!


    Why Self-Love Is Important

    You are going to spend your entire life, as you. Whilst people around you might come and go, the places you visit or live in may change, and the experiences you go through will differ, there’s only one you, and you will be you, forever.

    As much as we change (and change is the best, it means you’re growing!), you will always remain as you are, and therefore, isn’t it clear that you should love, respect, and care for yourself? After all, don’t we want to love who we are if we’re always going to be the constant in our lives?

    Whilst it might sound odd thinking of yourself as if you’re an external person, it can actually be incredibly useful when it comes to manifesting self-love: stick with me here! If you treated yourself as if you were someone that you truly loved, straight away, you would probably change a lot of things you’re currently doing and alter the way that you treat yourself.

    The crux is that we are so willing and eager to show love to others, but we often find it difficult to show it to ourselves. However, it’s the most important and impactful type of love we can show.

    When you’re radiating in self-love, you’re not only likely to have a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, but people around you and those you come into contact with will be able to feel that you love yourself and will therefore treat you as you deserve to be treated (you’re setting the bar for the way you want to be treated by setting your own standard and leading the way).

    So, if self-love improves your own confidence, happiness, and health, whilst also bringing better people, opportunities, and relationships to your life, it’s clear that you can’t even doubt for a second that self-love is important.



    8 Ways To Manifest Self-Love

    Setting a goal to love yourself might feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re rather far away from that place, but there are things you can do to manifest self-love and call more of it forward into your life, in the long run. 

    So, let’s take a look at the 8 ways you can manifest self-love.



    Take A Long Look In The Mirror


    The first thing you want to do, as confronting as it may seem, is take a long look in the mirror (quite literally, if you feel like that will be more impactful for you). Before you can move forward on the journey of self-love, it’s important to take stock of where you currently are. 

    So, take a moment (or a few moments) and ask yourself, “how do I truly feel about myself?”. Whilst the answer that comes to mind might not be nice, once you know exactly where you stand, you can make a verbal contract with yourself to make a change and take the first step on the road to self-love.



    Visualise How You Want To Feel

    Visualisation is a powerful tool that you can use both after the point above, to help you set intentions, and on a regular basis (daily if possible) to cultivate self-love in a powerful way. All you need to do is visualise (not just think about) how you want to feel when you love yourself. Think about how you’ll talk to yourself, what you will love about yourself, how confident you’ll feel, how you will carry yourself, how you’ll talk about yourself, and all of the benefits you will experience when you love yourself. 

    When visualisations are repeated for long enough on a regular basis, they’re likely to start to become a reality. So, use this powerful tool to help you manifest self-love and let it sink in and start to become your reality over time.



    Actively Stop Judging Yourself

    One of the biggest inhibitors of self-love is judgement, so you need to make a pact to stop judging yourself. You can actively stop judging yourself by taking a specific amount of time (could be a day, could be a week), and making sure you’re conscious of every single judgemental thought that pops into your head about yourself. 

    Then, once you’re more aware of the way that you judge yourself, each time a judgemental thought comes to mind, you can replace it with a positive affirmation for self-love…



    Practice Affirmations For Self-Love

    Affirmations are words or phrases that you say to yourself to manifest a situation, feeling, or experience. For you, on your self-love journey, you can either create specific self-love affirmations or you can repeat the ones below.

    However, you need to ensure that you are using these affirmations on a daily basis and always using them as a replacement thought when you judge yourself or direct negative energy towards yourself.



    5 affirmations for self-love:

    • “I am strong, I am capable, I am beautiful, I am unique”.

    • “I am deserving of self-love and I radiate self-love”.

    • “I am an amazing person that values myself and knows my worth”.

    • “I am proud of the person I am and the characteristics that I have”.

    • “I am worthy of self-love”.


    Set Boundaries and Make Yourself A Priority

    Always, but especially when you’re in the process of cultivating self-love, it’s important to surround yourself with people and experiences that bring you joy and boost you up - after all, if you surround yourself with things that make you feel good and people that love you, you’re much more likely to feel like you’re worthy of self-love. 

    Therefore, it’s important to put boundaries in place towards the things or people that don’t boost you up and don’t make you feel good, especially if you’re particularly susceptible to other people’s energy. Essentially, make yourself a priority and ensure that every situation you’re in and every person that’s around you (where possible) builds you up.



    Stop Comparing Yourself

    The key to self-love is being content with who you are. Therefore, it’s got nothing to do with anyone else and so you need to stop comparing yourself to others. 

    We all know that what we see on social media isn’t the whole story of people’s lives, we all know that each person in our life likely has more going on than they let on, and we all know that there isn’t a standard of “perfection” to aim for. However, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in comparison and put ourselves down in the process. 

    So, just like how you need to become more conscious of judging yourself for that to end, you need to do the same with comparing yourself. Every time you compare yourself, even the tiniest bit, to someone else, take note of it and remember that this journey is about you, not anyone else, so it’s not useful in any way to engage in any type of comparison.



    Don’t Hold Yourself To An Impossible Standard: You’re Worthy of Self-Love At Every Moment

    It might be difficult, especially if you have perfectionist tendencies, to accept yourself and love yourself through all moments of life. A lot of us might find it easy to love ourselves when we’re feeling our best, but it might be harder to do that when we’re feeling our worst. 

    So, make sure you’re not holding unrealistic expectations over yourself and when you are feeling not-so-great, make sure you pour even more love towards yourself to reaffirm the fact that you are worthy of self-love at every moment, through all of the highs and lows.



    Practice Self-Care 

    Showing yourself care can help reinforce the idea that you are worthy of love, since you’re giving back to yourself and actively making choices that will make you happier.

    However, self-care isn’t just face masks and bubble baths: it’s about taking care of yourself on a regular basis in any way that makes you feel good. For some that could be making sure they go to therapy once a week or hit the gym regularly and for others that could mean seeing friends at the weekend or learning a new skill. Just make sure that whatever your self-care routine looks like, you’re doing it regularly!


    Benefits Of Self-Love

    The benefits that come from loving yourself are endless: truly, there’s no better feeling than appreciating who you are as an authentic individual and giving yourself the love that you deserve. However, here are three of the main benefits of self-love:


    Improved Confidence

    People who love themselves ooze confidence! Why? Because they know their worth. When you truly appreciate yourself and show yourself unconditional love, you can go into the world feeling confident, knowing that nothing can take away the love that you have within you and that you deserve good things to come to you.



    Personal Growth

    Loving yourself boosts your self-esteem, helps you get more comfortable in diving deeper into who you are, helps develop and learn, and allows you to feel more confident doing things that you may never have considered otherwise - it really helps you go after everything you want in life, whilst also helping you grow as a person throughout the process and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness.



    Healthier, Happier Living

    Self-love reduces your stress and anxiety levels, whilst also promoting you to do things that make you happier. Therefore, your entire quality of life will increase when you develop more love for yourself and you’ll find yourself living a more happy, healthy, fulfilling, and aligned life.

    The Takeaway

    Self-love is an ongoing journey rather than a destination that we all reach, but as long as you’re taking the first step towards showing yourself a little more love and self-compassion, you’re well on your way to feeling like you have a happier, more confident, and more aligned sense of self.

    So, what are you waiting for? Hop aboard the self-love express, right now.

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