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    How To Prepare For Eclipse Season

    Anna Myers

    Ok, so you might have noticed things are feeling a tad intense at the moment. Politically, personally, and especially emotionally ––eclipse season is a lot to handle, and we’ve just entered one with the partial solar eclipse of October 25th. It will last until November 8th, when a total lunar eclipse will close out the season and allow us to breathe a sigh of relief.

    But what even is eclipse season, and what does it mean for you? Let’s find out all about it, plus do’s and don’ts, and how to prepare for it!



    What does eclipse season mean?


    A solar eclipse occurs when the moon is positioned between Earth and the sun, and it always happens on a new moon. It is a time of new beginnings, like a new moon, but somehow even more charged ––a new moon on steroids, if you will! Ancient cultures believed eclipses could create a portal from Earth to other realities, so whatever conception we have of their power today is based on thousands of years of astrological findings and tradition. 

    As it is a time for new beginnings, eclipse season can be a great jumpstart towards new ventures, relationships, personal or work-related pursuits, and even new self-development goals you might have set for yourself. In order for the energy of an eclipse to feel in alignment with our current goals, it’s important to get super clear on what it actually is that we want and set purposeful intentions. 

    You can usually feel the effects of an eclipse a few weeks before and a few weeks after the actual event. Yes, they are that magical, and last quite a long time. Any time during eclipse season is the perfect time for a major life change, a wake up call, or a shake up of the status quo!



    What you should know about the upcoming eclipse season


    Both the solar eclipse of October 25th and the lunar eclipse of November 8th take place during Scorpio season, which runs from October 23rd to November 22nd. Scorpio is an intense and complex sign, both offering us a chance to look inwards and find our true and most transformative power and causing some potential and darkness. “Scorpio has a laser-sharp focus, a powerful drive, and a strong desire to probe and get to the bottom of things,” writes The Cut. “Scorpio is about depth, not appearances. Scorpio isn’t afraid of anything, even the darkest truths.”

    “Scorpio is not a sign that’s satisfied with surface truths,” writes astro superstar Chani Nicholas in her newsletter. “It wants to revel in the mystery. It’s preoccupied with the depths. It’s looking for the blueprint, the core of the issue, and the deepest pulse.”

    Scorpio is also a very dramatic sign, so these upcoming eclipses shape up to be quite the spectacle. They’re bound to shake us, surprise us, and get us moving to a higher plane. As with many astrological happenings, it’s best not to fight this intense energy, and stay open to lessons, learnings, and plenty of eureka moments. 



    How to prepare for the next few weeks of eclipse season


    Eclipse season is all about “clearing out” the old, both energetically and literally, so you can start a new season with a fresh perspective and renewed intentions. At their core, eclipses are majorly transformational events, so journaling can help figure out the patterns you are going through and shed clarity on the steps to come. 

    “If you’re grieving someone or something,” says Chani, “this season may inspire you to work with that mourning, to materialise it through acts of ritual and offering.” And as is true for any emotionally charged, or particularly intense periods, rest is paramount. “The wisest thing we can do is give our system the time and space to process whatever comes up — and out,” she continues. 

    If you feel called to it, eclipses are a great time to meditate or indulge in whatever activities feel grounding for you --as long as you take plenty of time to go slow, rest up, and be gentle yourself, you will have ways to see through the chaos and strength of the reason and emerge from it anew.



    Takeaway from Chani Nicholas 


    This first eclipse of the season activates a desire for emotional release. This is not a time to take on more or get entangled in the drama. Turn the lights down low. RSVP “maybe” or “no thank you.” Give yourself plenty of time to sort, sift, and rest.



    Eclipse Season Self Care 


    Madi Murphy's CosmicRX newsletter recommends a few things for eclipse season self care: 


    1. Slow down.
    2. Listen to your body.
    3. Make time for rest.
    4. Create beauty in your life.
    5. Drink lots of water.
    6. Remember your worth.
    7. Go with the flow and trust the process!

    She also shares a handy guide to each sign and what they can expect from this eclipse season. These refer to the part of your life that may be experiencing a big shift, and you can check out both your Sun and Rising sign for a more complete overview of what’s to come. 



    CosmicRx: Scorpio Eclipse Message For Your Sign 


    She also shares a handy guide to each sign and what they can expect from this eclipse season. These refer to the part of your life that may be experiencing a big shift, and you can check out both your Sun and Rising sign for a more complete overview of what’s to come. 

    Aries: Shedding 

    Taurus: Romantic Relationships

    Gemini: Self Care 

    Cancer: Inner Child Healing

    Leo: Comfort

    Virgo: Writing 

    Libra: Values 

    Scorpio: Vitality 

    Sagittarius: Healing Cycle

    Capricorn: Community 

    Aquarius: Purpose 

    Pisces: Freedom



    The bottom line


    Eclipse season always brings up some powerful nuggets of wisdom --sometimes unwanted, sometimes very much welcome. Either way, it’s a time to look inward, ground yourself, and look back towards what you’ve learned from the transformations you’ve been going through. 

    A final word from Chani: “This eclipse isn’t after a mere dusting of the cabinets. It’s a thorough overhaul of both the attic and the basement.”

    Remember, change is unavoidable. But the way you react to it, prepare for it, and embrace it, can really make a difference in how this new phase of your life is about to shape up. As it is incredibly charged, eclipse season might not be --strictly speaking-- fun, but it is freeing, and always rewarding in the long run. If you still have some resistance to change, eclipse season is bound to shake things up! 

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