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    I Had A Divine Alignment Session, Here's How It Went

    Anna Myers

    It was a warm September afternoon and I was in a terrible mood. I’d been working with my dentist on my life-long bad habit of grinding my teeth at night, which had recently worsened and caused the very structure of my bottom teeth to change. It’s stress –it’s always stress, isn’t it? But she surprised me when she suggested posture might have something to do with it, and explained how sometimes even just a slight adjustment, when it comes to the positioning of our spine, can greatly improve seemingly unrelated symptoms like shoulder and neck pain, jaw clenching, headaches, and a disturbed sleep pattern. A friend had recently mentioned a technique called divine straightening, or spiritual spine healing, and talked it up as something that had worked for her. I’d contacted her practitioner, and set a date for an exploratory session. 

    Now the time had come, but I was convinced it was a waste of time. What was I thinking, trusting an holistic operator with the “energetic rebalancing” of my vertebral column. I’d never even heard of this practice, and surely, if it had any basis in reality, more people would know about it!

    The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle. 

    In niche holistic circles, divine straightening is quite well known: it’s an almost 30 year old practice, started in Germany in 1995 by Anne Huebner, a medium and spiritual healer, and Pjotr Elkunovits, her partner. They observed that a number of their patients' pelvises were not aligned, and that a more or less marked inclination often led to disastrous consequences on their vertebral columns. This, in turn, caused suffering and a number of different physical pathologies. When they realised that external manipulation on their part did not lead to permanent benefits in their patients, as after some time the pelvis tended to reposition itself in its original shifted position, they abandoned alternative medicine and let Anne use her medianic powers to connect to a higher plane of possible solutions. The result: spiritual spine healing, best known as divine straightening. 

    According to its practitioners, divine straightening employs healing impulses to create a balanced state of body, heart, and mind. This causes “energy to flow through the body, cleansing, harmonising, and straightening internal organs as well as levels of being, which helps start up processes of self-healing” Can you say dubious? I know I did.

    When I first arrived at the studio of Lothar Güntert, the operator acting as energy channel for this practice in my area, he offered me tea, went through the above information and explained how the session was going to work. There was to be no physical touching. Together with another operator, Laura Spreafico, he would observe my spine and check the degree of misalignment between my shoulder blades, hips, and legs. He would proceed to mark certain points on my heels and calves, in black pen, to make sure the shift would be visible by the end of the session. Finally, the energetic activation could begin.

    I was still, as ever, sceptical as hell. But I’d come all the way, and saw little risk in a single-setting, energetic-only, distanced treatment, so I decided to stick it out. 

    What’s important to note is that spiritual healing is not a medical practice, but rather a holistic procedure: a practitioner should not, and is not in a position to, give diagnosis or recommend stopping medical treatments of any kind. As with any alternative, or holistic, practice, it’s important to do some research into both the act and the operator before booking a session, and you should always trust your gut instinct if you feel unsure or unsafe. 

    In my case, I took a little nap while a few feet away from me, Lothar connected to whatever spirit he is in contact with, and downloaded the physical manifestation of that energy into my body.

    I’d love to be able to say I remained unconvinced after the session, but unfortunately for my cynical side, I saw immediate changes in my body. Without me having moved an inch, the pen marks on my left and right ankles went from a few centimetres off to perfectly aligned. My left foot, which half an hour earlier reached a good 2cm further down the bed than my right one, now sat perfectly in line with its companion. Is it magic? Is it quantum energy? If you believe Anne and Lothar, it’s a spiritual gift. 

    As a nonbeliever, I am a curious convert. All I wanted was a noticeable result of some kind, so I wouldn’t feel cheated, and I got that fair and square. Hopefully, in time, this will result in greater alignment throughout my whole body, beginning with my spine but going as far as helping my teeth-grinding problem. I wonder how I’m going to explain this to my dentist. Maybe she has to try it herself to believe it?

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