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    Dandy TV Guide

    Dandy TV Guide

    The Power

    Based on a New York Times bestselling book, ‘The Power’ series is both empowering and enlightening. In short - women develop the ability to electrocute anything with the tips of their fingers, leading to an incredible reversal of the gender power struggle. A must watch.




    A hilariously accurate depiction of what it means to be a woman today. With each episode titled ‘The Woman Who…’, it glances over women from all walks of life and the domestic and professional challenges that they face. Our favourite? ‘The Woman Who Returned Her Husband’. Take from that what you will!




    A documentary film based on therapy sessions between Hollywood actor, comedian Jonah Hill and his therapist and psychiatrist, Phil Stutz. An interesting insight into a strong therapeutic relationship, Stutz’s unique style of therapy and how it helps Jonah to overcome his own troubling beliefs of himself.



    The Idol

    Co-created by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson and The Weeknd, this series sees Lily-Rose Depp play an up-and-coming pop star that develops a complicated relationship with a cult leader and wellness guru.




    Eight seriously-bingeable episodes, based on a food writer that experiences a major health crisis and vows to turn her life around. A hilariously relatable watch as main character Celeste Barber ventures through the world’s most popular - and strange - wellness trends in order to better her health and achieve the life that she wants.



    Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields

    Model and actor Brooke Shields reveals her journey; from being a sexualised child to a woman discovering her power. A two-part documentary, the icon recalls how she was sexually exploited as a child and teenager, and how it has impacted her personal and professional life.


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