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    What We Are Watching This December


    Ah, December, is the jolliest month of the year. Or it is? You may find yourself either extremely at peace with everything or totally stressing about all the small details in your life, realising another year has gone by with nothing to show. 


    A lot of people book days off to spend time with their families, which many then regret after 2 days spent with either that annoying family member, screaming children or insufferable partners. Most divorces are filed in January girls, let's not forget. 


    So how do you cope and make the never-ending days AKA 'what day actually is it?', period between Christmas and New Year, go a little quicker? We've got you.


    Luckily 2022 was one of the greatest years for movies, documentaries, shows. As health and wellbeing has become more apparent in British society our TV screens have reflected that quite literally. 


    Let’s start with Netflix, shall we?



    Okay so this isn't exactly wellbeing but let's not shy away from the fact that we are all here for the drama unfolding here. On Thursday the 8th of December the first half of the highly anticipated show about Harry and Meghan will come out (we thought they wanted privacy yet here we are!). Popcorn at the ready! 


    So if you’ve already binged the whole season 5 of “The Crownbefore November was over, the Sussex's have got your back. Oh to be a fly on the wall in Kensington Palace right now. If you’re not a fan of the Royal Family, Netflix offers a lot of other alternatives this Christmas.



    Emily in Paris Season 3 will make its debut on December 21st, so if you haven’t seen the previous two seasons we suggest you grab your best friend, pop a bottle of "Champere" and start binging. We promise, it might seem cringy at first (hey, even Sex and The City was!) but you will simply fall in love with the scenes, the costumes, the men, and yes, even the plot! 



    Moving on from the drama, glitter and love, Netflix has a great selection if you are a True Crime fan (we know we are!).

    Providing enough adrenaline and anxiety for you, if you can handle it of course Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields, is definitely another show to check out and we promise, it will keep you glued to your TV.



    Good for your mind, body and soul, we would really like to recommend “Stutz”. It’s really refreshing to see and hear honest and raw conversations. Here at Dandy we believe everyone should have access to therapy, and Jonah god love him is providing the tools and saving us buckets! And now YOU can breathe...



    Goth, brilliant, funny, quirky and absolutely fantastic, we cannot not mention the wonderful Wednesday” by Tim Burton. She speaks fluent Italian because duh, it’s Machiavelli’s language, and she drinks espresso. What’s there not to love? Also, the plot twist is to die for. And “Thing” will simply steal your heart.



    “Dead to me” Season 3 also came out, and it’s a weird little show which definitely can be binged during the Holiday Season. You'll feel more than comfortable watching this while being a couch potato, digging for your favourite Quality Street. No shame and judgement at all! You do you!  



    On a completely opposite side, if you are a fan of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the new adaptation of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” just came out, and first of all Jack O’Connell is a sight for sore eyes, and Emma Corrin is as wonderful as ever. We must warn you though, it’s a lot of sex for one movie. Don't watch this with older family members. You have been warned.



    If you are interested in the topic, a new show with Cara Delevingne “Planet Sex” is out too and we promise, it’s going to be a WILD RIDE! She's breaking taboos and we are so here for it - go Cara! It’s available on BBC iPlayer, don’t miss it. 



    If you are looking for some devastating drama we would also highly recommend “I am Ruth” with a spectacular Kate Winslet. A hard to watch yet real depiction of a mother's relationship with her daughter, and mental health issues they are faced with as a family. 




    And last but not least a little revival, Nancy Myers may have crushed our hopes and dreams of a sequel (I know sad news!): “The Holiday”. Because what says Christmas more than Cameron Diaz frolicking around in a cottage in jolly good old England?


    Happy Holidays & Happy Watching!

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