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    Matcha Union

    Matcha Union

    Looking for a way to make your morning coffee habit a little greener? Let us introduce you to the wonder that is Matcha Union. Bringing the smooth, full-bodied taste of sustainably-sourced Japanese matcha to a wider scale, Matcha Union’s goal is to help more of us wake up to the incredible health and wellbeing benefits matcha has to offer. Not only that, it’s a brand focussed on rituals, providing us all with a daily reminder to take five minutes to step back, relax and indulge in something just for ourselves.

    For the uninitiated, matcha is a particular type of green tea made from leaves grown in shady conditions. The shade boosts the natural chlorophyll content of the leaves, making them a particularly bright shade of green and charging them with a super-potent hit of antioxidants and nutrients. The benefits of matcha include cleanse and detoxification for a healthy glow as well as increased focus thanks to L-theanine, a substance that stimulates the production of alpha brain waves. See, who needs coffee anyway? It also helps to regulate cortisol and mediates caffeine uptake, so you have a constant flow of energy rather than a super-high peak followed by an almighty crash and burn – we’ve all been there. It’s also low in sugar, naturally gluten-free and suitable for vegans. What’s not to love?

    Matcha Union’s particularly matcha is sourced in Shizuoka, the largest tea growing region in Japan, finely milled into a vibrant green powder. Easy to blend, either add it to your favourite milk or you can even cook and bake with it. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

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