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    Nature's Antidote

    Inspired by the indigenous Kayapo Tribe living in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, Nature’s Antidote is the harmonious wellness brand using natural herbs, plants and fungi to treat contemporary ailments and help you glide through life a little lighter.

    Founded in 2018 by Lilian Buchner, the brand was inspired by her time spent with the people of the Kayapo Tribe, who live in tune with nature, leaning on its bounty to help them heal and to support them through life. Not only did Lili feel like her own life could benefit hugely by adopting some of the tribe’s ancient practices, but she wanted to let others in on this long-held secret too, and so Nature’s Antidote was born.

    But why did the products make the cut for Dandy’s expert edit of wellness remedies? Well, it’s because they’re incredibly powerful. Each one is a potent powder blend of high-quality natural extracts largely built on a base of mushrooms. Yoni, for instance, blends chaga mushroom extracts with medicinal herbs to support the body through what can so often be a period of extreme discomfort: menstruation. There is also a Reishi Mushroom blend to promote sleep and serenity and Lion’s Mane to support focus and digestion. Reishi on the other hand helps sort out broken or unsatisfactory sleep.

    All you do is simply add a scoop full of the powder into your drink of choice, whether that’s a hot milky tea or your morning smoothie, and your body will soon absorb all the balancing powders of the herbal extracts.

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