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    How To Create The Perfect Vision Board & Go After Your Goals in 2024

    Elevate your aspirations in 2024 with our guide on creating the perfect vision board. Learn step-by-step how to visually manifest your goals and dreams, fostering clarity and motivation. Dive into the art of goal-setting, and unleash the power of visualisation to propel yourself towards success. Start crafting your future today – seize the opportunity to manifest your dreams and make 2024 your most transformative year yet.

    By Anna Myers / Dec 30 2023

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    I’m a self-confessed personal development nerd who watched The Secret all the way back in 2009, so you bet I’ve been making vision boards for more than a decade. And I love them!


    Vision boarding is a great way to truly make sense of what you want, why you want it, and how to be more motivated to make your goals a reality. There’s no better time to do so than at the start of a new year, so as January gets underway, we’re here to guide you through making the perfect vision board to get clear on your goals and help you manifest your way through 2023. 

    Let’s get started by taking a look at what a vision board even is, and why they’re such an excellent tool to accompany your visualisations, meditations, and any manifesting activities you have planned for the beginning of the year. 

    what are vision boards and why are they important?

    Both a physical (on a piece of cardboard, for example, or a poster) and a digital (it’s super easy to put together one on Canva) version of a vision board achieve the same result: they’re a collage of different images, words and phrases that, together, serve as a reminder of the goals and dreams you are working towards. 

    Think of it like a mood board for everything you want in life, so that you can be reminded of what you want and why you’re going after it with a quick glance and feel the rush of motivation needed to get to work on your big dreams. 


    Some people simplify the concept to the point of slight ridicule, and make it seem like printing out a picture of a Ferrari and sticking it on your desk will make a Ferrari magically appear in your driveway within just a few hours. In reality, it’s a little more complicated than that. 

    Image credit: Pinterest

    mind + spirit

    how does visualisation work?

    What you need to know is that to a great extent, the mechanisms behind vision boarding are backed up by science and psychology. 


    A staggering 70-90% of Olympic athletes have been doing visualisations as a way of mental training, and the practice has been common since Soviet studies from the 1970s explored and validated its effect on improved athletic performance. But don’t fret, your goal doesn’t need to be as hardcore as winning an Olympic medal: you can simply use the same method for anything that makes sense for you and your life, big or small!


    Visualising yourself achieving your goals and living out your dreams is incredibly powerful. It reminds you what you’re working towards when you put in effort, sweat, and tears in order to make something happen, but it can also help shape your mindset and modify your reticular activating system to focus on the stuff you love, and want, as opposed to the things you want to filter out of your life. 

    What you focus on expands. That’s why it’s important to place your vision board somewhere you will often see it ––like your desk, your kitchen, your computer screensaver, your phone background, your wallet, or anywhere else you feel called to. Every time you’ll glance at it, you’ll be reminded of what it is you’re trying to manifest and be pushed to create the life of your dreams just a little harder.

    how to choose your goals

    When putting together your vision board, the most important thing to get clear on is how you want the images to make you feel. In order to reverse-engineer that, let’s start by journaling our hearts out and get specific with what we’d want our ideal life to feel like, and what big dreams we’d like to work towards in order to achieve those specific feelings. 


    Again, putting “red Ferrari” here will not do much ––however, something like “I want to feel abundant and supported by the physical manifestations of the prosperity of my everyday life” will do the job! 


    Focus your intention on the story you want to tell about your own life, and what you would want your life to be filled with ––this can be objects, activities, foods, books, travel destinations, and so on, or something more vague and broad like alignment, ease, abundance, peace, or adventure. 


    It is totally up to you and you can be as specific or as general as you’d like. All that matters is that you zero in on what you want and why you want it, so it’ll be easier to go after it.

    Image credit: Pinterest

    questions to ask yourself

    1. How do I want to feel every day?
    2. What do I want more of in my life?
    3. What do I want to achieve?
    4. Where do I want to travel?
    5. What feelings, words, quotes am I inspired by?
    6. What do I want my life to look like?
    7. What do I see my best self as?
    8. How does my best self move through the world?
    9. How can I move towards them?

    Take some time to journal your answers, skip whatever doesn’t resonate and add whatever you feel called to. Truly take a moment to connect with your most inspired dreams and see them before you as if they were already your reality. 

    how to find the right images

    Well, this is an easy one. Say it with me: Pinterest


    Pinterest is a godsend when it comes to finding the perfect images to represent your best self and everything that aligns with that identity. It’s super easy to look both for basic keywords, quotes, more niche topics, or even aesthetics and vibes. I personally love going for vibes, as it makes it easier to focus on how the images make me feel, which is the most important part. Then, import them all to a service like Canva, and get to collaging!

    If you’re creating a physical vision board, you can either print these images or look through magazines and newspapers to find words, headlines, images, and ads that represent your intentions as best as possible. You can make a physical collage, and have yourself a lovely afternoon of inspirational craft-making. 

    the bottom line

    Remember, what you visualise will materialise. Use your vision board as the perfect starting point to make all your dreams come true in 2023: it’ll help you be more motivated, more intentional, clearer on your goals, and feel aligned with the life you truly want.

    Image credit: Pinterest

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