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    Our range of menopause supplements from some of the greatest brands the UK has to offer contain a wide variety of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to for symptom relief and to help lessen the discomfort experienced throughout the menopause. Cherry-picked based on efficacy and quality of ingredients, we’ve whitted down the offering to only the very best formulas that passed our scrupulous examination. 

    The menopause is one of the biggest hormonal shifts that a woman’s body will go through throughout her lifetime. For the uninitiated, it usually kicks in around a year after her last period, which is when oestrogen production begins to dwindle, causing significant impact on many areas of the body. Hello hot flushes. But alongside help from your GP, there are plenty of menopause supplements available here in the UK to alleviate some of the discomfort and relieve some of the symptoms. We should know, we’ve curated the ultimate edit of the very best ones.

    Put it this way: if a menopause supplment or product doesn’t meet our exacting standards, you won’t find it here in our edit. Thus, our expert-approved range includes elevated formulas from the likes of Marie Reynolds London, MPowder, Natures Antidote and Wild Nutrition, all trusted, respected and reputable brands within the wellness space and known for using only the most powerful ingredients in their blends.

    As you enter the menopause and beyond, rely on Dandy’s selection of the very best menopause supplements to bring you back into balance.

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