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    Take control of your cycle with Dandy’s elevated selection of period supplements and period pain products. Where once it was a menstruator’s role to sit down and shut up, thankfully our pain and discomfort is finally being taken seriously. And that means there’s a whole new host of incredible period supplements and period pain products available, each one helping to alleviate the discomfort you feel throughout that time of the month. 

    There are brands addressing sustainability, with eco-friendly feminine products that ensure you can not only survive your cycle in total comfort, you can thrive in it too. Just look to DAME., a brand known for its reusable period pads and reusable tampon applicators, or in other words, the eco-friendly period alternatives you’ve been waiting for.

    Then there are brands producing brilliant period pain products and solutions. FEWE is the wellness brand that works <with> (rather than against) your cycle. Its collection of oral sprays and skin balms address the mood shifts and bodily pains that come hand in hand with menstruation, while its vulva serum (aptly named I Touch Myself) deals with any irritation or discomfort felt down there. Think of it as feminine care on your terms.

    There are also plenty of period supplements, each one helping to balance the body during all stages of the cycle, as well as alleviating pain when it strikes hardest. Marie Reynolds London has plenty of formulas to tackle this, while Nature’s Antidote Yoni is a herbal supplement containing organic certified nettle, yarrow, raspberry and ginger helping you to better reconnect with your cycle. 

    May you never have to suffer in silence again…

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    Period faace Mask

    Helps to rebalance the skin around your time of the month


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