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    Mind + Spirit

    Mind + Spirit

    There’s no denying that a lot of the work it takes to boost the mind and lift the spirit comes from the internal, from taking time to hone your mindfulness craft. But in order to create an environment conducive to carrying out that mindfulness, it doesn’t hurt to employ the use of Dandy’s tight edit of brilliant mindfulness and spirituality products that will help you curate your very own peaceful sanctuary at home.

    So where do you start? May we turn your attention to Bodha, and its dreamy incense sticks. Available in four blends, each designed to elicit a different feeling or emotion, you can easily scent your space with fragrant fumes suited to you and your mood. Not only does incense set the scene, it enlists the help of one of your most powerful senses - your sense of smell - to help lull you into a deeper state of peace, calmness and serenity. And that’s why incense has to be one the best mindfulness products around.

    Comfort is also key. Bring Bodha’s beautiful aromatherapy pillows into your practice. The most comfortable way to block out the distracting sights and lights of the outside world, resting one of these heavenly pillows over your eyes will boost your mindfulness practice, or even work as a welcome sleep aid on nights where you can’t seem to switch off.

    And finally, crystals. The queen of all spirituality products, there’s a crystal to suit your every need, and TBalance has found a way for us all to take them with us wherever we may go. Its healing bracelets feature different stones for different goals; select the one you need right now, or stack them up to bring you an even greater sense of support and balance. 

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    Energy - Clear Quartz Healing Bracelet

    When you're in need of a fresh bout of positive energy and some good vibes


    Mindful Affirmations For Health & Wellbeing

    Helps you focus your thoughts to achieve a more positive outlook on your health, relationships with your body, and your emotional well-being


    Peace - Moonstone Healing Bracelet

    Soothes emotional instability and stress, helps support the reproductive system and is excellent for conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding


    Courage - Aquamarine Crystal Healing Bracelet

    Water-like crystal washes away stress and fear, leaving room for peace and tranquility in their absence


    The Five Minute Journal

    Consider this journal your mental insurance policy against negative thought loops, rejuvenating your mind and fortifying it against discontent


    Smokeless Incense Sticks - Purify

    Ancient ritual of incense can help to set intention, create space and bring you back to yourself


    Aromatherapy Pillow - Natural Linen

    The perfect complement to your beauty, meditation or sleep ritual. Releases facial tension and calms the mind


    Lucky - Amethyst Healing Bracelet

    Protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. A natural tranquilliser, improves motivation and has strong healing and cleansing powers


    The Five Minute Journal Fit Edition

    Guided daily and weekly format will help you celebrate your life, build your fitness routine, and live well


    Productivity Planner

    Three month productivity planner contains daily self-growth prompts and a mood tracker to balance productivity and mindful living


    Ritual Oil Ceramic Diffuser - Almond White

    Use to relax the nervous system, create a sense of inner quiet and naturally scent your space


    Ritual Diffuser Oil - Calm

    Use to relax the nervous system, create a sense of inner quiet and naturally scent your space


    Aromatherapy Pillow - Marle Cashmere

    The perfect complement to your beauty, meditation or sleep ritual. Releases facial tension and calms the mind


    Heal - Blue Lace Healing Bracelet

    Allow free expression of thoughts and feelings and will neutralise anger, infection, inflammation and fever


    Ritual Diffuser Oil - Refresh

    For a renewed sense of energy


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