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    Guide To Taking Care Of Your Vaginal Health

    Explore our comprehensive guide on maintaining optimal vaginal health. From hygiene practices to lifestyle tips, discover essential information and expert advice to empower you in prioritizing and nurturing your well-being. Learn about common concerns, preventive measures, and self-care techniques to ensure a happy and healthy journey through every stage of life.

    By Liv Surtees  / Dec 14 2023

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    Intimate health isn’t just about increasing your libido, having a healthy level of self-esteem in the bedroom, and enjoying experiences with a partner, it’s also about physical, biological health, especially when it comes to your vaginal health.


    Vaginal health is just as important as the health of the rest of your body - we need to know about it, we need to get more educated on it, and ultimately, we need to support it. So, we’ve created this vaginal health guide for you and we’re going to be giving you 10 tips that you can use from today to improve the health of your vagina.


    Ready to give a little more love to your lady parts? Let’s jump in.

    first, let's get acquainted

    Before we go any further, the very first step you need to take when it comes to improving your vaginal health is to get acquainted with your vulva and vagina (note: the vulva is everything external and the vagina is internal!).


    Although it might sound odd or even feel a little silly when you’re doing it, you need to make friends with your vulva and vagina - after all, they give you a lot of joy, so give them some love back! 


    Spend some time with a mirror and take a good look at yourself: get acquainted with all the beauty going on down there and engage in self-pleasure at the same time if you fancy it! Whatever you do, just don’t be a stranger to your vulva and vagina, because the better acquainted you are, the better care you can take of them!

    10 things you can do to take care of your vaginal health

    Ready to take better care of your vaginal health? Do these 10 things below to enjoy a healthier, happier, and more supported vulva and vagina! 

    1. practice safe sex + get tested regularly

    If you having sex, it’s incredibly important that you practice safe sex. Remember that even if you are on contraception, condoms should still be used with partners to ensure that you are protecting yourself from any nasty infections or unwanted pregnancies. 


    Additionally, even when using contraceptives (including condoms!), make sure that you are getting regular STI check-ups - yes, STIs can be transferred through other means than penetrative sex. So, get checked out regularly and stay healthy with a safe sex routine!

    2. go and set a smear test

    In addition to your regular STI check, there’s also another test you should be scheduling in and attending: a cervical smear test. Cervical smear tests look for abnormal cell changes in the cervix and can be paramount in both detecting and preventing cervical cancer and other potential abnormalities or conditions. So, make sure that you schedule in that smear test every year if possible (or every three years at a minimum) and go - don’t avoid it, it’s not that bad, I promise!

    3. use body-safe sex toys

    Sex toys are wonderful, but only if you’re using ones made from the right materials! To ensure you’re keeping your vagina as healthy as possible and you’re not risking any type of infection of irritation, stay away from sex toys that are made from materials that aren’t body-safe such as jelly, PVC, and rubber toys. Instead, choose toys made from medical-grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel.

    4. get ph-friendly lube

    If you’re someone who enjoys using lube in the bedroom (go you, it’s great for a number of reasons!), then you might want to ensure that the type of lube you’re using is vagina-friendly. 


    Unfortunately, certain ingredients in lube can actually disturb the natural pH of your vagina or may even promote bacteria growth in the vagina, leading to infections. Avoid lubes that include glycerin, parabens, dyes, and non-natural oils. Instead, choose a lube made from natural, vagina-friendly ingredients. 

    5. avoid fragranced products + cosmetics

    I’m not sure who decided that we needed fragranced products or cosmetics for our vaginas, but we don’t! The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that supports a balanced pH level. It doesn’t need washing or spraying with any type of fragranced feminine hygiene products or soaps - these types of products can actually cause the pH balance of your vagina to be altered and may even bring on infections. 


    All you need to make sure your vagina is clean is water and a non-fragranced, natural product to wash the outside of your vulva. See I said vulva? Yes, that’s right - never attempt to wash or douche the inside of your vagina as it’s unneccessary and can cause more damage than good!

    6. have a vagina-friendly diet

    What you fuel your body with is important, even when it comes to vaginal health! If you want to fully support your vaginal health you may want to add certain foods to your diet or increase your consumption of them! 


    Probiotics can help promote good bacteria in the vagina and protect from infections, cranberries reduce the likelihood of UTIs, leafy greens can reduce the likelihood of vaginal dryness, and sweet potatoes can even boost fertility! So, why not add some of these foods into your diet and make your vagina a little bit happier?

    7. wear good underwear

    Although we all want cute underwear, don’t compromise and buy underwear made from bad quality fabric - it’s not worth it! Your vagina needs to be able to breathe, and the best way to let it do this is by wearing cotton underwear. So, stock up on your favourite cotton undies and make sure you’re washing them with a suitable fabric conditioner that isn’t going to irritate your skin or affect your pH balance. 


    Also, before you worry about having to wear school-style pants forever, I promise, there are tonnes of cute cotton options out there, so treat yourself to a little shop around!

    8. don't sit in wet bathers

    Whether you’ve been swimming or it’s been a warm day and you’re a little sweaty, it’s important to make sure that your pants never stay too damp for too long to make sure that you’re not putting your vaginal health at risk! If your warm and sweaty down there, the likelihood of getting vaginal infections due to the fact that bacteria thrive in those kinds of environments. 


    So, if you’ve been swimming, don’t sit in your damp swimsuit (as tempting as that might be!) - get washed, changed and into dry underwear as soon as possible. If you know a hot summer day is coming up and you’re worried about sweating, pack yourself a clean pair of underwear in case you need to change during the day. 

    9. always pee after sex

    As much as you may want to lie there cuddling with your partner (or partners), peeing after you have sex is absolutely essential as it helps push out any bacteria that may be within the urethra and therefore reduces the likelihood of urinary tract infections. So, get up and get peeing after you’ve had your fun - you can always go back straight after for the pillow talk!

    10. sleep naked

    Finally, sleeping naked is an important part of making sure you’re supporting your vaginal health. Sleeping naked allows your vagina to breathe (which is especially important if you spend the day in tight clothes!), and promotes air to circulate down there, reducing the likelihood of infections.


    Additionally, sleeping naked can actually help you to bond with and appreciate your body. So, really, it’s a win-win!

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