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    Biohack Your Way To A Better Life

    For those both new to biohacking and wellness experts looking for cutting edge technology by the best in the business, new luxury clinic, Remedi London is the place to know about.

    By Davina Catt / Jun 07, 2023

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    Biohacking might be the wellbeing term of 2023 but what exactly is it? And where can you go to fully experience this human enhancement journey?


    Firstly, Biohacking can be best defined as ‘do-it-yourself’ biology: this journey involves making incremental changes to body, diet, lifestyle to improve everything from performance, mental health and quality of life.


    You might embark on a biohacking journey to have control over your health, explore new ideas, fix flaws or health problems, and even to extend your life.


    For those both new to biohacking and wellness experts looking for cutting edge technology by the best in the business, new luxury clinic, Remedi London is the place to know about.


    Remedi London: a new luxury clinic which approaches biohacking, ‘as taking care of all aspects of your wellness, including physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual,’ to ultimately help you lead your most fulfilled life.


    A luxury clinic that doesn’t feel intimidating, Remedi London was founded by Dr Nima, an expert in all areas of human psyche, from medical aesthetics to integrative medicine and reiki, Nima wanted a one-stop destination that focused on a 360 holistic approach to optimum ‘wellness,’ and the human form.


    Remedi London has an ethos that, interestingly, is based on time: whether that be turning back the clock with the state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments or reaching deeper cellular levels using innovative medical therapies to clear emotional blocks that have held us back from moving forward in life and meditation sessions to put you into the present.


    Treatments available range from Clinical Hypnotherapy to treat skin conditions like eczema to social fears such as public speaking, as well as wellness plans, osteopathy, reiki massage, diagnostic testing for mineral deficiencies, food intolerance and overall wellness to vitamin infusions, the approach feels like a full 360* ‘mind and body MOT.’

    vitamins + supplements


    Emerald Laser Body Treatment

    A revolutionary new laser treatment exclusive to Remedi London – the safest and most effective way to lose fat.


    As someone with fear of fat freezing treatments, this specific emerald laser treatment has been founded, based on the research that procedures focusing on fat cell elimination are often not effective or even can have reverse effect causing fat cells to regenerate elsewhere in the body.


    The emerald laser is a no downtime required treatment utilising a 10 x 532nm true green laser beams (monochromatic, collimated and coherent) to create small transitory pores for the fatty liquids in fat cells to seep out. The fatty liquids are then naturally flushed through the lymphatic system.


    Whilst many of the traditional lymphatic drainage treatments flush through fatty liquids and get the lymph nodes working in the immediate, the killed or shrunken fat cells don’t continue to regenerate for themselves afterwards.


    The beauty of the emerald laser treatment is that it shrinks fat cells and cause them to act and function like healthy lean cells. In turn this releases the correct messages to the brain, which creates a communication throughout the fat organ, causing other fat cells to release their content and return their hormone responses to the positive.


    I focused on my stomach and waist area: I had been suffering bloating and general excess fat, as well as a sluggish metabolism (largely post pandemic). There’s a slight tingling sensation but otherwise the 30min session is completely pain, fuss free. Whilst I noticed some positive effects immediately, it was in the following few days, I really noticed the difference – my jeans were even loose fitting around the waist.


    I would definitely recommend the Emerald laser as a fat loss treatment to try – and without all the time and pain of anything radiofrequency related.


    Rebalance Impulse

    With end of the week fatigue and life stress leaving all my chakras off kilter, I tried the new Rebalance Impulse – a non-invasive stimulation and cognitive training device on applied neurosciences devoted to fighting stress, reaching deep into the chakra system to cleanse negative energy and ultimately preventing health problems.


    Sitting in a booth under a coloured lights laser and listening simultaneously to a bianaural synchrotherapy meditation, the process is part hypnotherapy, part chakra cleansing healing. The guided meditation takes you through techniques including breathing exercises, guided visualisation, mindfulness and sound therapy amongst others.


    The process is scientifically proven to give you stronger immunity, vitality, decreased blood pressure and better quality of sleep amongst other wellbeing benefits. The hypnotherapy combined with the laser is a deeply penetrative process – I cried throughout the session, releasing deep tension, and felt cleansed and restored afterwards.


    Dandy, Delivered.

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