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    The Benefits Of Auditing Our Lives According To A Mindset Coach

    Kirsty Raynor

    Before we begin I don't want you to think that this is something boring, I know I almost sound like an accountant and for that I already apologise. However, doing an audit is a great way for you to start to understand where your life is and where you want to go.


    I am an Accredited Transformational Coach, Vedi Meditation Teacher and have studied Neuroplasticity, the science of wellbeing and mindfulness. Essentially - I’ve got you.

    I, for one, have never understood how people do not reflect back when they are looking to set goals and when they are looking to analyse their life.  How are they going to know exactly what they want to achieve? Where do they want to be? Who feels good in their life? What energy are they missing? What energy are they pining for?

    The power of an audit is everlasting and it is one of my biggest mindset hacks to start to train ourselves to get into the habit of auditing our life regularly and responsibly.


    The first step of looking at your audit is to ensure that you understand the exact thing that you are reflecting on. And I like to essentially divide my focus into these key categories.


    1. Relationships

    2. Work

    3. Personal Time 

    4. Wellness

    5. Goals


    This allows me to be able to see where I'm thriving in life and where I'm merely surviving.


    By getting really granular it gives us the space and time to understand which category needs a lot more attention and what we may have given absolutely no dedication to. Whenever I have carried out this audit on myself or with clients I have usually pinpointed potentially two categories that need a lot more work.


    Next, put those to the side for a moment so that we can analyse how the other three categories are doing. Maybe your relationships are feeling great right now. Perhaps you are really thriving at work right now. You're achieving all of your goals, you're feeling great, but sometimes our hard work can have a detrimental effect on our well being.

    I don’t want you to ever feel like that is a personal attack as we are all growing and learning daily. However, it is actually the most common thing that women neglect when we are overwhelmed or overworked. you've neglected what feels important for you. I wanted to share the specific questions that I ask myself in the audit to really check in with my wellness: 


    1. How am I sleeping?
    2. Can I track my energy from 1-5 each day to seek out patterns of behaviour?
    3. What conversations are triggering me and my nervous system?
    4. Who is adding to my energy and who is taking it away? 
    5. What bad habit can I look to reduce? E.g. social media

    I know it's really easy to read this and kind of agree and go yes, yes, yes, I understand that. But without putting the action into place we really cannot progress and carry out these wonderful reflections. One of the greatest things that I notice in each audit is how simple it is to build really bad habits without noticing.


    I’m going to share a little story with you that quite frankly I can’t believe I am writing…. After my audit three months ago I picked up a horrible habit that even thinking about it really makes me question what was going on then (!) Every day I would start work by getting ready, checking social media, and then working for the day… this sounds normal you say alas it was far from normal. What I didn’t mention is that everyday I wanted to work in my bed with the curtains closed and only a small lamp on. Perhaps to some people this is their place of inspiration or comfort and that is great, but for me it's the polar opposite. I usually like to work from Soho House or downstairs with music and the kitchen doors flung open to the garden. When I reflected on my audit I realised that it was nothing to do with a logistical location in my home but everything to do with my mental wellbeing at that time of my life. I truly believe without the audit I would not have recognised what was triggering me and what I needed to change. 

    Once you carry out the audit for the five categories you will slowly start to recognise patterns of behaviour and have a laser focused reflection.


    1. Why should you live in a world with people who make you feel less than or put you in states of vulnerability?
    2. What style of communication are you no longer willing to receive?
    3. What event did you go to that you really wanted to say no to and didn't? 


    You get to choose the life you want to live every single day, all we need to do is train ourselves to really evaluate and audit our surroundings to seek out those who are willing to walk our path with you.  The audit is paramount and is the foundation to self development. Without self awareness there is no self development. Now I know because you're reading this here, we are the same, so I ask you to take this bold leap and to begin this monthly practice. 

    Dandy is your place to come to when we are looking for like minded souls and inspirational in this complicated thing called life.


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