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    Best Detox Programmes

    Discover rejuvenation in the heart of London with the Best Detox Programmes. Immerse yourself in tailored wellness experiences that cleanse and revitalize your body. Explore a curated selection of detox programs in and around London, designed to promote holistic wellbeing. From nourishing cleanses to revitalising retreats, embark on a transformative journey to reset and recharge.

    By Lucy Gornall / Jan 02 2023

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    1. no 1 food prep

    Meal programs to suit everyone and every type of diet whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or prefer meat. Order your week’s worth of nutritious food - including breakfast, lunch, dinner and optional snacks - every day, with deliveries every Wednesday and Saturday.


    Meal subscriptions allow you to choose the number of meals you want that week - perhaps you only want your meals made for a few days of the week - so they can be delivered right to your door. It’s easy to make your choices online, and No1 Food Prep will deliver a range of filling meals.


    Snacker? There’s also a Snack Subscription option which can be bolted on to any meal subscription. 


    No1 Food Prep offers Weekly Packages too; choose from Lite, Balanced or Max - which help to keep you healthy without the commitment for a subscription. 


    From £16.90 a day for the weekly package:

    2.  atis

    Dubbed Powerful Food, Atis is renowned for its delicious plant-based bowls. The brand is centred around balance and moderation with no food omissions. Plus, chicken, eggs and cheese are sustainably and ethically sourced from suppliers that Atis trusts. 

    Their seasonal bowls are filled with in-season ingredients whilst the salad bowls are powered by a green leafy base. The warm bowls (perfect at this time of year!), are grain-based or you can simply build your own using Atis’ tasty selection of ingredients. 


    We love The Winter Bowl 23’ filled with shredded kale and red cabbage, baby spinach, orange slaw, smokey beetroot, crumbled goat’s cheese and a granola and ACV vinaigrette.


    All the bowls are packed with flavours, however if you fancy some extra additions, there are plenty of options; the za’atar chicken is delicious. 

    Atis do deliver, however, we recommend giving the Atis store a visit at Old Street, London.  


    Bowls start from £6.50 : 

    3. natural fitness food

    For serious time saving, Natural Fitness Food is freshly made each morning and delivered to your door on the days you choose. Meals, snacks and shakes; you can choose exactly what you’d like. Or, if you can’t face making decisions, opt for the Set Day Plans. Choose your goals and the number of meals you want each day and let Natural Fitness Food sort the rest.  


    Eating well is super simple as food is created by in-house nutritionists, plus meals are based around simple nutritional goals from high energy to plant-based.  The food is fresh and delicious; there’s no flavour fatigue here! 


    Natural Fitness Food also has an 8-week nutrition program, which is tailored to you. So whether you want to learn the difference between micros and macros, or simply want to learn how to get lean or build muscle, this program can help.


    From £22.50:

    4. spring green london

    Superfoods are the name of the game here, helping you to feel renewed, energised and more inspired. In fact, Spring Green London focuses on beautifying ingredients from around the world, aimed at making your skin healthier, brighter and more hydrated. 

    Meals are a plant-based hybrid of raw and cooked foods; simply choose your 

    nutritionally rich superfood programme and personalise it to make it your own.


    Choose a start date that suits you and Spring Green London will deliver your food early every day. Plus, enjoy Spring Green London’s Morning Love + Beauty Tonic as well as their Daily Detox Juice for extra goodness.


    There’s a range of botanical superfood programs available in 3 for 5 days- we love the Active Protein program which contains plant protein and lean protein such as fish and prawns.


    Beautifully presented meals include the Berry Power Pancakes with Cacao Nib Gems and the Pretty Perfect Pumpkin Pasta w/Cashew & Funghi Cream.


    Programmes start from £36:


    5. kurami

    f you’re trying to swerve dairy, gluten and refined sugars, then Kurami could be for you. Experts in nutrition and gut health, Kurami subscriptions deliver nourishing meals and drinks providing your body and mind with plenty of goodness.


    At Kurami, you’re asked to choose from two paths; Signature or Calorie Controlled, select the duration of your plan, place your order and then enjoy food delivered to your door.


    The calorie controlled contains an average of 1400 calories per day whilst the Signature contains around 1600. Active lifestyle? There’s also Signature+ which contains around 2000 cals per day. Meals include avocado on buckwheat bread, rainbow falafels and nutty noodle salad.


    The signature mealpath is £39.40 per day, with the option of choosing less meals for a reduces price: 

    6. detox kitchen

    Detox Kitchen has become a name unto its own in London now with nutritionally balanced, wholesome meals delivered to your door. Plus there are a number of program options to suit you.


    Meal Plans are nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled with various plans sitting under two options: Cleanse and Maintain. If you fancy a cleanse, there are four options including vegan cleanse and green cleanse, filled with delicious meals, juices and snacks. For a real detox, choose one of Detox Kitchen’s 3-Day Resets which are intermittent fasting meal plans aimed at resting and restoring the gut.


    Want to stock up the fridge? Detox Kitchen also offers a Fridge Fill option which contains 6 nutritious ready-to-eat meals, delivered to your door, which can be stored in the freezer and heated and eaten whenever you wish. All of Detox Kitchen’s ingredients are sourced from the UK, and meals contain zero dairy, wheat or refined sugar. Ticking the sustainability boxes, Detox Kitchen’s packaging is also fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Plus, food is delivered in carbon neutral vans. 


    The cleanses and meal plans start from £31.45 per day:

    7. press london

    Juice lovers, head this way. Born in LA, Press offers plant-based juices, smoothies and soups aimed at helping you look and feel your best. 


    Juices are cold-pressed allowing them to contain a high nutrient content so your body receives more goodness. Press’ juice cleanses (either customise your own or choose a pre-set plan) are available in either 3, 5 or 7 day formats and each bottle contains up to a staggering one kilo of fruits and vegetables. Never tried a juice cleanse before? 


    There's a beginner juice cleanse just for you with a higher calorie count so you won’t find yourself too hungry.  


    Custom Cleanse Builder starts from £41 per day:

    8. pure earth

    It’s the Medicinal Juice Cleanse at Pure Earth that really caught our attention. 


    Up to 7-days of raw cold-pressed juices aimed at boosting overall health, boosting digestion and improving liver function, you can expect to feel calmer and more energised.


    The cleanse itself includes juices, mylks, shots, teas and tonics, filled with various superfoods, adaptogens, medical mushrooms and herbs. 


    Leafy greens, almonds, limes and chaga are just some of the delicious ingredients used in Pure Earth’s Medicinal Juice Cleanse however Pure Earth also does a range of other cleanses including the Alkaline Cleanse, Rainbow Juice Cleanse and Defence Juice Cleanse. 


    The Medicinal Juice Cleanse starting from £52.49:

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