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    Founder's LETTER

    There are times in our lives when we experience cultural shifts, small but significant enough to make us aware that the world is teetering between what has been and what is coming. I believe now is one of those moments. While the concept of wellness has been around for some time (remember Jane Fonda workout tapes and neon legwarmers?) these days we view wellbeing through a much broader and sophisticated lens. Our wellbeing feels like it’s at a tipping point, permeating all aspects of daily life and unlike our foremothers, we are surreptitiously digging deep. 


    As Kristen Scott Thomas so beautifully reminded us in Fleabag, “Women are born with pain built in… it’s our physical destiny”. Women are inevitably faced with a series of daunting life phases from menstruation through motherhood to menopause, with no guidebook to smooth the way. Instead, we are met with debilitating pressure society heaps on us to be the ‘perfect woman’. An illusion that only leads to self-criticism and self-sabotage, subliminally striving to be an idealised version of ourselves.


    My 20s were the darkest and most bewildering times of my life. I struggled to navigate the complexities of becoming a woman, reliving unhealed wounds and often finding myself in a crisis of self-worth and self-awareness. I suppressed whatever I was feeling by any means possible, neglecting mind, body and soul daily. I felt misunderstood, isolated, and judged. Ultimately, I wasn’t reassured of the normality of my thoughts and feelings because honestly, it was something society didn’t deem to be significant at the time. It was hitting rock bottom that finally set me on my path to healing. 


    Finding power in my pain, I sought to create what was glaringly missing. A digital sanctuary that supports women in all our unique situations, eliminating negative distractions and providing tangible pathways as we journey through the different phases of our lives. I like to think of Dandy as the big sister we all need. Dandy does the hard work for you, allowing you to feel inspired and guided in your decisions. Dandy is wellness without whimsical notes, here to show you that wellness can be inclusive, diverse and attainable. It comes from a place of non-judgement, celebrating the fact that we are all a work in progress. Dandy leaves you feeling supported and understood. 


    A hive mind community, we are not afraid of taboos and neither should you be. We’re not here to discriminate against men, we love men. We’re here to celebrate women because let’s face it, we need it. While we acknowledge that life is not always easy, it most certainly is not meant to be harder than it needs to be. 


    I hope Dandy guides you on your unique path and offers moments of quality and premium indulgence whilst making positive steps to empower you towards wellbeing and ultimately, feeling good. 


    For all women, or indeed anyone who identifies as a woman, this is for you. 



    Harriet Ishbel Sweeney - Founder of DANDY


    Dandy, Delivered.

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