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    Release and Renew: How To Cut Energetic Cords Once and For All

    Delve into the transformative practice of cutting energetic cords and liberate yourself from past attachments. Learn empowering techniques to release stagnant energy and renew your emotional wellbeing. Explore the art of energetic cleansing, reclaiming your personal space, and fostering positive connections.

    By Sophie Bronstein / Jan 04 2024

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    Feeling emotionally tied to an ex-partner? Can’t seem to get over the fact that you no longer have that toxic friend in your life? It might be time to consider cutting your energetic cords. Here, we discuss their significance in our lives, and learn how to release their hold to unleash a renewed sense of energy and empowerment.

    what are energetic cords and how do they affect us?

    Imagine a web of unseen connections that link us to the people, places, emotions and experiences in our lives. These subtle energetic cords serve as channels, transmitting emotions, thoughts, and even energy between individuals. They play a massive role in shaping our emotional landscape and influencing our wellbeing, often without us even realising their impact. While some cords are positive and nourishing, others may become draining and toxic.


    For example - you've had a falling-out with a friend or ended a relationship (knowing it was for the greater good), but you still feel emotionally tied to them. Those lingering feelings are likely the result of energetic cords. Holding onto such connections can leave us feeling exhausted, emotionally burdened, and stuck in a loop of negative patterns.

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    the liberating practice of cutting energetic cords

    Cutting energetic cords is not about severing relationships or denying our past. Instead, it's an empowering process that allows us to maintain healthy boundaries and reclaim our energy. By releasing the negative attachments that no longer serve us, we can open up space for new experiences and positive connections.

    step 1: self-reflection + awareness

    The first step towards cutting energetic cords is self-reflection. Take a moment to identify the relationships or situations in your life that feel draining or emotionally charged. Recognise the patterns that may be holding you back or causing repetitive negative experiences.

    step 2: intention setting

    Setting a clear intention is crucial to any spiritual practice. Visualise the cords that bind you to these draining connections and focus on the freedom and lightness you seek to achieve. This intention will be the guiding force throughout the process.

    step 3: cutting cord rituals

    There are various rituals you can use to cut energetic cords, and the key is to find one that resonates with you. Here are a few popular approaches:


    Meditation and Visualisation: 


    Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and visualise the energetic cords connecting you to the person or situation. See a radiant, golden light enveloping these cords, and then, with a swift, decisive motion, imagine cutting them. As you do so, repeat your intention aloud or silently.


    Elements Ritual: 


    This ritual involves harnessing the power of the elements. Find a body of water, light a candle, or connect with nature. As you perform the ritual, imagine the elements cleansing and purifying your energy.


    Cord-Cutting Crystals: 


    Certain crystals, like black obsidian or clear quartz, are believed to assist in cord-cutting. Hold the crystal in your hand, and with focused intention, visualise the cords dissolving as the crystal absorbs the negative energy.


    Remember, these rituals are deeply personal, so feel free to adapt them to suit your preferences and beliefs.

    step 4: self-care + nourishment

    After cutting energetic cords, it's essential to nurture yourself. Engage in activities that promote self-care and self-love. Whether it's spending time in nature, practising yoga, or journaling, prioritise activities that replenish your spirit.

    step 5: setting boundaries

    Cutting cords also involves setting boundaries with those who drain your energy. Communicate your needs clearly, and don't be afraid to distance yourself from toxic influences. Surround yourself with positive, supportive individuals who uplift and inspire you.

    embrace the lightness within

    As you walk this path of energetic cord-cutting, you'll likely experience a profound sense of liberation. Embrace the newfound lightness within and be open to the transformative opportunities that arise. 


    And remember - this is an ongoing practice, so be gentle with yourself as you continue to release and renew.

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