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    Wellness Trends 2024

    Stay ahead of the curve and embrace a healthier future with the latest Wellness Trends of 2024. Dive into a world of transformative practices and innovative approaches to well-being that promise to redefine how we nurture our minds and bodies. From cutting-edge fitness routines to mindfulness technologies, explore the forefront of wellness evolution.

    By Davina Catt / Dec 21 2023

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    As the end of the 2023 approaches and our focus turns to setting intentions for the New Year, Dandy highlights some of the wellness trends that we can expect to hear more about in 2024.

    quantum health

    With the surge of interest in manifesting over the past few years, 2024 will go further with the rise of the revolutionary concept of quantum health, built on the principles of quantum physics. 


    Whilst Quantum physics may have emerged as far back as the early 20th century, determining the universe not to be a solid proposition but based on energy and atoms, enabling reality to be shifted through consciousness, Quantum health extends these principles. 


    Expect new trends that focus on the harmonious balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects – that view our bodies as interconnected systems of energy and information.

    drone technology

    Expect to hear more about cosmetic drone technology: results show CDT to be 30% more effective than traditional cosmetic care products because it delivers the active ingredients to the heart of the cell for greater efficiency. 


    This new drone technology makes it possible to target the action of active ingredients within the cells thanks to the action of encapsulated biodegradable polymers: they use the specific links between the cells and the cutaneous barrier and then select the cells that are to be treated. 


    Once inside the cell, the component polymers are naturally metabolised and the active ingredient is diffused and released inside the target cell steadily over time.  

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    mind + energy

    data tracking on physical, mental + digital health

    Expect the rise and rise of smartwatches in 2024 which can track and monitor everything from steps taken, exercise, screentime, sleep and even spending. Also many more digital tools and platforms will emerge that can measure impact of treatments and identify health deficiencies faster.

    sustainable gyms

    With ONS studies showing that Gen Z are far more eco-conscious than older generations with 80% of aged 8-15 year olds ‘eager to take action to help the environment,’ expect the rise of sustainable gyms in 2024. With a growing number of the UK seeking ways to adopt sustainably driven lives, look out for eco-friendly gyms, which use energy efficient equipment, renewable energy, nontoxic cleaning products and reduce water usage.

    virtual workouts: ai fitness

    In 2024 there will be no excuses for not making it to the gym. Whilst the pandemic gave us a taster of virtual/social media driven workouts (and kickstarted the Joe Wicks mania) now AI is being fine-tuned for health apps, so you can find the best tailored workout programme which are accessible and with personal stats that are easy to monitor.

    microbiome cleansing

    Whilst 2023 has included plenty of talk about the importance of the microbiome - the trillions of microorganisms that live in our digestive system – in particular the crucial gut-brain connection, 2024 will lean into the microbiome cleansing trend. 


    Regular microbiome cleansing avoids functional gut disorders (FGID) with 70% of these FGID believed to have dysbiosis at their root: dysbiosis refers to an imbalance in bacterial composition, which can be restored by microbiome cleansing, and which uses natural antimicrobials to reduce pathogenic bacteria and promote beneficial bacteria instead.

    cellular skin healing

    With the beauty industry now shifting focus from concepts of ‘anti-ageing’ to ‘smart-ageing,’ an integral part of skin longevity is focused on cell regeneration. 


    Tule Park, founder of holistic and epigenetic skincare brand, Skin Diligent, comments, ‘our epigenetic technology seeks to protect our cells such as telomere protection, stem cell protection, which maintains cell health, also affecting gene expression with epigenetic alternations, which effectively turn genes on and off.’ She continues, ‘we can improve skin biological ageing and prevent premature ageing compared to chronological age through better understanding of our cells.’

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    transformation retreats

    Long gone are days of travel for the sun or finding peace at a yoga retreat, for 2024, experience life transformation at retreats aimed at helping guests through grief, trauma and emotional blockages. These are immersive experiences that focus on personal improvement and enhanced wellbeing: expect life changing results from career stagnation, friendship breakups to financial security.

    dawn dating

    Forget the prevalence of terms like ‘ghosting’ or ‘swipe right’ as casual table talk in 2024, dating is returning to IRL but make it the crack of dawn. Dating app Badoo found in research that 51% of its users have been on dawn dates, whilst 71% would be impressed if someone asked them on an early morning date. 


    Neuropsychologists confirm that daily stressors, fatigue and work distractions can all impact your energy levels and ability to fully engage in an after-work date so support dawn dating: there are also fewer expectations than in a formal evening environment which can ease the social pressure.

    emerald laser

    The new jewel in the laser technology crown: whilst there were whispers about it as a new laser focused form of lymphatic drainage in 2023, Emerald Laser treatments will gain more momentum in the new year.  

    Emerald™ uses 10 x 532nm true green laser beams (monochromatic, collimated, and coherent) to create small transitory pores for the fatty liquids in fat cells to seep out. The fatty liquids are then naturally flushed out through the lymphatic system. 


    The result is that the fat cells shrink instead of being killed. So instead of just leaving the fat cells dormant - the shrunken fat cells begin to work for themselves, re-functioning like healthy lean cells, releasing active messages to the brain and creating a communication effect throughout the fat organ, causing other fat cells to release and return their hormone responses to the positive.

    sound baths

    As people continue to put mental wellness at the forefront of their lives, conscious of the negative effects of modern life, including screen time and fear inducing media, expect the sound bath trend to continue into 2024. Sound baths see that participants are surrounded by sound that is produced by instruments that are tuned into specific frequencies – this stimulates the alpha brainwaves that lead to creativity and the theta brainwave that works with our learning and memory.

    syncing sleep to your circadian rhythm

    This approach to quality sleep is all about tuning into your body’s natural circadian rhythm; sleep syncing requires you to think about, and adapt, your daily routine to line up with what your body naturally wants to do.  


    Sleep syncing is when you create a routine that ensures your body is sleeping and waking when it should be, giving your internal clock a nudge, and it even takes into account internal and external factors, such as hormonal changes and melatonin release to help energy levels and maintain a healthy body.

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