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    The Ultimate Gift Of Wellness Guide

    Dandy has curated the very best in Christmas gifts to suit the wishes of all your favourite friends, colleagues and loved ones. We’ve taken the stress out of finding that unique piece for time-lacking, conscious shoppers with our Christmas gift round up. 

    By Davina Catt / Nov 20, 2023

    Save to Favourites

    Healthy living begins from home and Christmas need not be any different. 

    Choose to gift from a range of subscription services and kitchen products, which make living a conscious foodie choice, the easy option. 

    Click & Grow


    Enjoy the chance to garden right from within your own home with this new subscription service and reap the mental health benefits from indoor plants too. Choose from a range of ‘smart gardens’ and ‘plant pods’ that with the click of technology are automatically watered, given the right about of light, nutrient and oxygen to grow over the year



    A membership online programme to support gut and metabolic health from the comfort of your own home. First you will undergo a test on gut health, blood sugar levels, blood fat, and even standardized test meals followed by support from personalised coaches with meal scores based on your biology, step by step app program and nutritional coaching.  

    Beast Health


    The best in a blender + hydration system for smoothie, infusion or gym juice junkies. Comprising a blender, several sized drinking vessels with lids and an infusion filter – the compact, streamlined design means it will fit neatly on your kitchen counter. 

    The Christmas break no longer has to be an excuse to slip into slouchy loungewear and abandon your fitness routine. Use the time off to get active before dry January with these workout gifting ideas. 



    The sneaker brand aimed at giving wearers such optimism they can roam mountains, run wild trails, and take on ultra marathons. Choose from a range of vegan trainers, orthopaedic shoes, waterproof sneakers and for energetic winter days look out for the bestselling Challenger 7 range in uplifting orange tones, made from gore-tex and mesh materials. 



    A new wearable tech device to help you get the optimum in health and performance. Gift a year-long membership to Whoop and receive a state-of-the art sensor, which attached to your arm tracks sleep, health, activity, recovery and stress through data science. And with personalized coaching available let Whoop lead you to your best life. 

    Third Space

    Prices Start From £200 Per Month

    These individually designed set of luxury health clubs for all your fitness needs are more than just regular gyms: Choose from innovatively curated classes such as The Method, The Wod, Metaburn, and Poweride. Additional offerings include personal training, spa, nutritional advice, and natural fitness food. Gift a membership with a pick of 10 central London clubs. 

    For your favourite stress-cadet friend, loved one or colleague, give the gift of peace of mind this Christmas.


    Sessions Start from £56

    Gift a session at one of four Masaj studio locations – the contemporary massage brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living. Masaj focuses on ‘bespoke modern bodywork’ so therapists will tailor make the massage session to suit your body: from releasing patterns of tension, restorative focus, to pre/post natal support, there’s something for every stress cadet. 



    Luxury hair and body care brand, Ouai, has created an excellent ‘Chill Pills’ scented bath bomb for extra relaxation at bath time: experience a light yet romantic fragrance blend of jasmine and rose, with added blends of jojoba, hemp and safflower seed oil to give you that zen feeling.



    Utilising science and nature, Cannaray CBD is made from the highest quality hemp – a premium and pure extract. Choose from CBD oils, topicals, gummies and bath and body products: and a new range in collaboration with TV presenter, Claudia Winkleman.

    For your friends and loved ones who toss and turn all night, Dandy have some gift ideas to ensure them a good night’s rest.



    Wake up naturally with a personalised sunrise: improve waking, sleep quality, mood and energy levels. Choose from various light options: the wake-up lights use mixed LED which mimic natural sunrise/sunset, coloured mood lighting and wake sounds. The SAD and Energy lights utilise daylight brightness for improved mood, effective relief for winter blues, and boosts energy, alertness and performance. 

    Drowsy Sleep Co


    Started by two brothers suffering chronic insomnia after working in corporate industries: Drowsy comprises everything you need for the best night sleep possible from beauty editor favourite sleep masks, SOS pillow sprays, and aromatherapy candles. Give the Christmas gift of a sleep bundle full of daily sleep essentials in chic colourways. 

    Olivia Von Halle


    First rule of a good night sleep is to dress the part! A luxury pair of Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas will transport you into Old Hollywood type glamour with luxury silk, crepe de chine, cotton-silk, cashmere fabrics, flattering loose tailoring, piped edging and eccentric prints – pyjamas so good you can even wear them as day wear too. 


    ‘There’s no place like home’ – small gifts to give a colourful, soulful touch to your abode.

    Maison Games


    Maison Games has all your favourite game boards in bright, colourful designs with a nod to our favourite luxury, chic travel destinations. Dandy loves this ‘Amalfi Coast,’ backgammon board, in creamy marble acrylic adorned with famous Italian Bougainvillea flowers. Transport yourself to the old glamour of The Talented Mr Ripley from the comfort of your own home. 

    Haute Florist

    £30 per month

    Haute puts the haute in flower deliveries: gift from a choice of subscription services, which offer flower lovers the chance to save 30% on blooms by opting for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery. Florists put together the best in bloom flowers for each season and every first delivery comes with a complimentary handblown glass vase. 

    NEOM Organics


    Neom organics range of diffusers is one of their most celebrated: you will find scent diffusers, electric diffusers, aromatherapy diffusers, fragrant diffuser oils, essential oil diffusers, sleep diffusers all with self-care in mind: choose from tantalising scents including ‘Scent to Calm and Relax,’ ‘Scent to Make you Happy,’ ‘Scent to Sleep,’ ‘Scent to De-stress’ and more. 

    The Longin


    Find insanely beautiful, soft towels and towel sets in an array of elegant colours at affordable price points. With a focus on sustainability, the towels are all made from organic cotton and Oeko Tex 100 and GOTS certified. 

    August & Piers


    Scent your home with one of your favourite characters with these popular range of candles and diffusers, all about promoting individuality and self-expression. Libertine, Saint, Eccentric, Muse are just some to choose from – think different luscious blends including vanilla, bergamot, blood orange, maple syrup and more. 

    For your favourite skincare junkie, gifting beauty treatments can never lead you wrong. Dandy recommends these luxury in salon and at home sessions. 



    The LED Light Therapy Face Mask is the bestselling powerful anti-aging mask you can put on from the comfort of your sofa. Proven to be 31% more effective than any other LED mask, the mask is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just 4 weeks. Built with 132 LED bulbs, pillow technology to diffuse light for maximum skin coverage and patented flexible silicone for light to penetrate all areas of the face. 



    A beauty tech first from leading luxury brand, Lyma, the Lyma laser is the world’s first medical grade at home laser device: combining four high powered anti-bacterial blue LED lights with a laser beam to regenerate skin at cellular level. It employs cold, near infra-red 500mW laser technology – making it 100 times more powerful than LED. 


    Prices Start at £90

    Gift your skin a facial workout with a range of transformative facial toning workouts available both by hand and with top of the range technology. All aim to decrease tension, drain and tone facial muscles: with experts in muscle manipulation techniques, lymphatic drainage and contouring, you will leave feeling sculpted and looking years younger. 

    ' the diary that we all carry about with us,’ famously said Oscar Wilde. Now you can note down all your memories in beautifully bound books to keep for life. Gift your dreamy, notetaker friend one of these handmade journals this Christmas. 



    Stationery, diary, notebook specialists, Papier, have a new Wellness journal to help you focus all your goals and clear your mind. Choose from a range of covers in bright colours, graphic details, floral prints and star signs, and get scribbling. 

    Sloane Stationary 


    Nothing like a bold cover statement to get your life in order. The beautifully bound curated range of notebooks by Sloane Stationery are each hand bound by the oldest book binders in the UK – this pine green version with elevated gold rimming will become a keepsake for years to come. 

    Wilde House Paper


    The company began as an intention: to use design as a medium to connect with ourselves, others and the Earth. With a focus on all things paper, choose from a range of curated items. Dandy recommends The Dreamer Journal filled with poetry, inspirations from the Zodiac and pages of blank paper to write away as a Christmas gift. 

    In a time of so much ‘connection’ but so little ‘self-connection,’ Dandy recommends these gifts for those looking to switch off phones and connect to a higher source. 

    Palm Of Feronia


    a selection of essentials designed to connect mind and soul and bring inner peace in this spiritual self-care case. In this beautiful canvas storage bag, find sustainable sage stick, sustainable desert sage stick, sustainable palo santo, abalone shell, selenite bar to connect to higher source and realign with the universe. 

    TBalance Crystals


    Founded by holistic health coach, Tory Boughey, in 2019, choose from a range of energetic healing crystal bracelets with fun sentiments of self-love and intention: happy, love, zen in stones including peridot, malachite, and rose quartz. There’s even a bespoke service to gift a personalised version to your favourite spiritually obsessed friend. 

    Discoteque Fragrances


    Remember those heady days of the good old disco, dancing all night, maybe even finding the love of your life on the disco floor? Discotheque is the new luxury scented candle brand that has collated all your favourite Saturday Night Fever and disco memories into an array of luxury scented candles. Choose from famous venues, including Chez Castels, Le Baron De Paris, Tokyo and Paradise Garage to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s inspired luxury candle sets. We’ll take all of them!

    She's Lost Control

    Prices Start At £80

    A series of transformative wellness events and sessions founded in 2015, which can be enjoyed both remotely from your own home or in person at their luxurious Hackney based wellness studios. Choose from a range of accessible options: Feeling sound bath, Energy Mot, psychedelic meditation, Tarot Readings, and more. 

    Give the gift of some self-care time this Christmas with easy-to-use home products and devices that will help anyone trying to navigate modern life stresses. 

    Susanne Kaufmann


    Bath for the senses is the bestselling luxurious soak from luxury skincare brand, Susanne Kaufmann. Founded with a holistic approach and with an intention to put wellness at the centre of all the products, this oil with the soothing scent of ylang ylang, patchouli, and lavender helps you to unwind into a deep relaxation and simultaneously nourish the skin.

    Higher Dose


    An intense workout without moving a muscle, this Infrared sauna blanket sweats out impurities, burns calories, increases blood flow and circulation, promotes glowing skin and de-stresses all from your own mattress. Just zip yourself in, turn up the dial and enjoy a euphoric 30mins. 

    Hello Klean


    With London renowned for its hard water, don’t let it ruin your hair. Gift a bundle from Hello Klean, the one stop shop for good hair care and water: the new purifying shower filter and head reduces minerals, contaminants and restores balance. There are accompanying products including the Clarifying Scalp soak and Nourishing Micronutrient Wash for endless healthy hair days.

    Lumi Therapy

    Prices Start at £145

    Now you can bring the healing powers of ice baths into your own home with these Ultimate Reset, Recovery Pod Portable Ice Baths. A fully portable insulated pod, that incorporates three layers of thermal insulated TPE protection, keeping the water at a steady temperature. 



    This check-coloured hot water bottle by Boccacini is made out of comforting sheepskin. In a black/tan colourway, handmade out of patchwork of reclaimed sheepskin. Fits all standard sized hot water bottles. 



    Mineral rich bathing salts that are formulated with a unique, potent blend of Himalayan Rock Salts, magnesium flakes and Epsom salts combined with a Downtime Activ essence to soften skin, relax muscles and stimulate feelings of calm and centredness. 

    For those that want to wake up in the morning to something other than fruit in their stocking, Dandy recommends these small but joyful packages to open first thing on Christmas Day. 

    The Head Plan


    Manifest expert and self-development coach created this pack of 52 mantra cards as a fun, easy way to bring positive affirmations into your life. Start the day right with empowering mantras, such as ‘I have so much to offer the world and people around me,’ to start your day with a positive mindset and repeat to create abundance in your life. 



    Horosoaps Pisces Soap Bar is designed to ground the dreamy Pisces in you. Featuring delicious notes of jasmine and green tea, jojoba seed oil, cocoa fruit powder, these all-natural, handmade soap bars are also soothing to the skin.

    Jeumont Skincare



    Fed up with buying endless eye masks to throwaway after one use? Now you don’t with these reusable silicone eye masks by luxury skincare brand, Jeumont. Designed to be used with your daily skincare routine and eye serum afterwards. 


    Cire Trudon was established in the 17th century and is the oldest candle maker in the world. Now you can be transported to a time of Louis X1V and the palace of Versailles (whom Trudon made scents for) with this new range of luxury scented matches. Light your candle or cigarette with luxury notes of rum, leather, vanilla and even mint tea. 



    Dandy, Delivered.

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