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    The Ultimate Gift Guide: Sex Edition


    Christmas is right around the corner and what’s the perfect gift? Well, pleasure, of course! Whether you’re buying for your long-term partner, someone you’ve been dating, a friend, or yourself, a sex-related gift isn’t only fun, but it can also improve health and wellbeing.

    So, we’re here to help you spread the joy - we’ve curated a guide full of wonderful Christmas gifts that are bound to get hearts racing and heat up the temperature on all of those cold winter nights to come (if you pardon the pun).

    Let’s jump right in and add a little spice to Christmas…



    Dandy's Christmas Sex Gift Guide:

    All available on Dandy, these products are guaranteed to make sparks fly for everyone this year, whether having fun solo or with partners. So, take a look and choose a gift for that special someone in your life (that can be you too, we give you permission)…

    For Those With Vulvas…


    Pleasure No.7 - The Stimulator
    RRP - £165.00


    Whether alone or with a partner, gift someone the joy of clitoral stimulation! 

    Details: A rounded palm-sized device that combines suction stimulation with vibration and is made from silky-soft silicone. The mouth is cushioned for comfort and with ten vibration settings and three suction speeds, this toy delivers intense clitoral pleasure.

    Pleasure No.1 - The Seed
    RRP - £165.00


    A sleek little toy for all to focus on the clitoris and bring more pleasure to sexual experiences. 

    Details: The Seed is a small package that does big things. This vibrator contains dual motors, encased in a cushioned, silky soft silicone designed to cradle the clitoris, with ten vibration settings for your enhanced pleasure.

    The Pebble
    RRP - £60.00


    Perfect to use in any erogenous zone, and wonderful to play with around the vulva area, the Pebble will definitely become a favourite toy for anyone that has it. 

    Details: With four-speed levels and nine vibration modes, The Pebble is a simple-to-use toy for use on erogenous zones, with no instructions needed. With nine different pulsation modes, you can discover what feels good, and with four different vibe levels, you can work your way up to a more intense sensation.

    RRP - £159.00

    Designed with self-pleasure in mind, the Lelo Sila adds a new level of climax to masturbation. Whether giving this gift to yourself or someone else, this will go down a treat!

    Details: Explore your fantasies and redefine the meaning of pleasure with SILA™, a clitoral vibrator created for self-love exploration. Discover a new way of foreplay and tease yourself to reach climax slowly. As gentle waves surge from the tip of your clitoris, reach the intense orgasm of your dreams, and soar to new heights of ecstasy. SILA™ builds your sexual experience with its softer, deeper, and overall bigger mouth that will give you complete satisfaction from top to bottom.


    For More Pleasurable Partnered Sex…

    Spot Internal Vibrator
    RRP - £66.00


    The perfect partnered toy - stimulating both the g and p-spot, the Maude Spot Internal Vibrator is guaranteed to make a couples night in even better.

    DetailsSpot is a hand-held, curved vibrator meant for internal stimulation. Intended as a g-spot or p-spot vibrator, it is complete with five speeds. Our soft-touch spot is made with 100% platinum-grade silicone (RoHs passed / FDA grade) and is a discreet, easy-to-use, 5-speed vibrator. 

    Curiosity Cues
    RRP - £18.00


    Give the gift that keeps on giving, whether for yourself and your partner(s) or someone else and theirs. Card night just got a little more intimate.

    Details: Curiosity Cues are a set of 50 cards to prompt discussions about sex with a partner. Designed to ignite conversations around sex and intimacy helping you to build stronger connections and lead you to new and exciting experiences. 

    Buffer Ring
    RRP - £55.00


    Improving the pleasure of sexual experiences, and more specifically, penetration, is what Ohnut is all about! So, why not gift someone better pleasure?

    Details: The Ohnut Classic Jade Buffer Ring is soft, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy and offers a simple and convenient way to adjust when penetration feels too deep. Essentially, it's made of four interlocking rings, so you can customize the depth without sacrificing sensation. 

    The Ohnut is worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (e.g. on their shaft or on a toy), and it compresses down, like a buffer. It's designed to feel just like skin and is so comfortable, you and your partner will barely notice it’s there.

    Pleasure No.4 - The Remote Egg
    RRP - £145.00


    Spice things up out and about with this wonderful on-the-go gift for either you and your partner(s) or for another couple! 

    Details: Enjoy hands-free indulgence with Coco De Mer's Pleasure No. 4 - The Remote Egg. It's made from silky-smooth silicon and has ten vibration settings for discreet, internal stimulation and heightened pleasure. Control your pleasure (or have your partner do that for you) with a matching remote. 

    The Travel Kit
    RRP - £20.00


    For those couples that love to flit away, take mini-breaks, or love a sex-cation, the Roam Travel Kit is the ideal gift.

    The Travel Kit, designed with you (but mainly airport security) in mind, means everything is under 100ml and super discrete. The Travel Kit comes with two x 30ml Front and Back lubes, and a pack of 12 regular ultra-thin-feel condoms.



    For Super-Relaxing Pleasure…

    Intimate Oil
    RRP - £25.00


    Increase arousal during foreplay and sex, whether alone or with your partner(s) with Roam’s intimate oil that contains natural aphrodisiacs. 

    Details: This 100% natural, vegan massage oil helps to heighten intimacy and arousal during foreplay. It’s enriched with an array of ingredients including passion seed; nature's aphrodisiac, which helps to stimulate arousal; argan, which feels non-greasy and luxurious; and a vitamin E-rich formula which helps to protect and care for the skin.

    Roseravished Massage Candle
    RRP - £40.00


    Gift a night of indulgence for yourself or others with Coco De Mer’s Roseravished Massage Candle and spoon on relaxing massage oil right from the candle. 

    DetailsSet the scene and dissolve into delight with the fresh, aromatic Roseravished Massage candle by Coco De Mar, infused with rose and sandalwood to stimulate the senses. Light the candle and allow it to melt as the sensual scent fills the air, using the serving spoon to drizzle the warm oil over your or your lover’s skin to soothe and arouse.

    Self-Disclosure Intimacy Serum
    RRP - £18.00


    Featured in PopSugar’s “Best Sexual Health Products of 2021”, Selfmade’s Intimacy Serum adds an extra level of arousal and joy to any sexual experience that you have with yourself. Give someone the gift of better sexual exploration.

    DetailsNourish the senses (and skin), ease discomfort and support frictionless self-exploration. Self Disclosure is multi-functional and created with ingredients that help to soothe the nervous system, reduce stress, and act as an aphrodisiac. Made to celebrate pleasurable moments with your most intimate partner — yourself.



    For Those Keen On Herbs And Supplements…

    Seal The Deal 
    RRP - £19.99


    Gift someone (or yourself) with less stress and a better sex drive with these powerful, fully natural capsules! 

    Details: Seal The Deal contains Maca, a powerful adaptogenic root used for centuries to improve fertility and enhance energy. While improving hormonal health is the primary function of Seal The Deal, it also has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to Acai. Combined with Ashwagandha, this herb helps our bodies naturally adapt to stressors to keep inflammation at bay.

    S+X Herbal Tea Blend
    RRP - £35.97


    A little tea to get you in the mood? Gift someone the joy of sipping Herby’s S+X Herbal Tea Blend and improving their sex life at the same time! 

    DetailsHerby's S+X contains a combination of 9 libido-boosting and pleasure-intensifying herbs formulated by the brand's herbalist to aid relaxation, energy, mood and love. S+X has been expertly created to help you get deeper and closer with your partner, combining historic techniques with modern advances. 


    For Setting The Scene…

    Athena Bodysuit
    RRP - £195.00


    No one will ever feel as elegant and as sensual as when they’re wearing the Athena Bodysuit by Coco de Mer.


    Details: For the Athena Bodysuit, graphic embroidery tessellates across your form, creating hypnotic patterns and textural delights. The deep plunging neckline and fan-edged cups show a suggestive amount of skin without compromising support, featuring an underbust band of jet black silk, adjustable silk straps and gold hook and loop fastenings to the reverse.

    Loving Candle
    RRP - £159.00


    Gift someone a loving candle to help them relax or add a little more atmosphere to their intimate experiences. Pop this candle by the side of the bed or burn it whilst indulging in some self-care. 

    DetailsWith a burn time of 40 hours, this candle contains handpicked ingredients which add a seductive touch to this formulation with notes of Tuberose Absolute sitting in the heart, surrounded by Amber Crystals and balanced by Sandalwood.

    Smokeless Incense Sticks
    RRP - £35.00

    Give someone the gift of setting the mood with the beautiful scent of Bodha’s Incense Sticks, helping to purify the air and assist with cleansing the soul, body, and mind, whilst setting intentions.

    Details: With a gentle fragrance and a smokeless burn, these incense sticks are made using traditional methods from the finest organic woods and essential oils. The ancient ritual of incense can help to set intentions, create space and bring you back to yourself.



    For The Prep Work…

    Calming Bath Salts
    RRP - £15.00


    Promote relaxation for your loved ones (essential before any kind of sex, am I right?) by gifting them with the perfect wind-down product. 

    DetailsMade for solo or partner soaks, this calming salt blend softens and rejuvenates all bodies. Filled with hand-harvested salt crystals from the Southern Dead Sea, soak contains nourishing vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc and more.

    The Everything Oil
    RRP - £18.00


    Sumptuous self-care comes in no better form than Luna’s The Everything Oil. Give someone the gift of treating their body to an indulgent oil, whether prepping to impress a partner and feel good in the bedroom, or add a little TLC to their everyday life.

    DetailsThe Everything Oil has been clinically proven to visibly reduce ingrown hairs, scars, stretch marks, dark spots, redness and bumps for smooth, soft skin. This is a lightweight, deeply moisturising, multi-tasking oil, gentle enough for intimate skin and everywhere else on the body, from pubic skin to dry cuticles and elbows.

    Day CBD Oil Drops
    RRP - £60.00


    Everyone wants to feel calmer, more balanced, and less anxious, so why not give those you love that incredible gift? Give them CBD Oil Drops. 

    Details: These CBD oil drops can help improve focus, concentration and productivity, beating brain fog, to help you power through your day. These Day CBD Oil drops have been made with the highest quality CBD extracted from the hemp plant and blended with organic MCT oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a strain of cannabis (Cannabis sativa) which is naturally low in the intoxicating component THC. 



    Spread The Pleasure This Christmas

    You’re all set to give yourself and those you love the most joy-inducing gifts this year. Go you, truly spreading the pleasure.

    Shop on Dandy now and discover gifts to fit everyone’s definition of happiness.

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