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    Do Menopause Supplements Really Work? 

    Research released last year by the Zoe Project / King’s College London confirmed what our small scale community studies at MPowder have also highlighted; menopause can impact our metabolic rate and food can make a big difference to our experience of midlife and the severity of our symptoms.   

    By Rebekah Brown / Jan 10, 2023

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    The first thing to recognise when exploring supplements is that they are designed to support what you’re putting on your plate. Sadly, despite what the advertisers promise, no pill or powder can ‘out-nourish’ a poor diet! But, as a result of busy lifestyles, increased external stressors. mass food production processes and the degradation of soil quality that impacts even our organic produce, many of us struggle to get the nutrition we need through meals alone.


    Natural supplements can help you fill that gap and ensure you’re nourishing your body and mind.   Exploring wholefood-led supplementation in menopause can be particularly valuable.

    the science behind natural menopause supplements

    The fact is there is far too little research into menopause. Data shows that just 2% of public health research spend goes to female health in the UK - and menopause gets a tiny proportion of that. However, there is growing interest in the foods, herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals that can support our bodies in midlife. More single ingredient studies are being published. Excitingly, a number of research initiatives are proving the potential of ancient herbs in supporting our bodies in midlife too.  


    Natural supplements should be looking to harness ingredients in their most bio-available, complete form. They should comprise wholefood sources and herbs whenever possible. They should be certified by accredited bodies - The Vegan Society is a robust leader in the field of plant based evaluation. The Soil Association is great too - but do remember that not all farmers, particularly those cultivating ancient herb farming, have the budget to adhere to their stringent practices.


    But, as a term, there is no legal definition of ‘natural’ in the supplement space. Which is why we, as consumers, need to do the hard yards. Use resources like ResearchGate to check clinically backed insight. We can also look to NCBI for additional perspective and niche studies which, although smaller, may provide valuable insight from growers or researchers without the budget of the big pharma companies. Finally, dig into the brands you are looking to buy from. How transparent are they about the impact of their products? Do they test and verify efficacy themselves?


    what to look for in a menopause supplement


    Does the company over support for the distinct biochemical stages our bodies go through in midlife? A single ‘menopause pill’ is unlikely to address the underlying requirements of your brilliant body and mind over an 8-10 year period. 


    How bio available are the ingredients? Frustratingly, vitamin and mineral sources are a minefield but, with a little research, you can work out whether the forms included in your chosen product are easy to absorb.


    Is there any risk to long-term use of ingredients?Many naturopaths would advise against the long-term use of Black Cohosh for example, a common ingredient in menopause supplements due to its impact on our liver. Always check with a qualified practitioner before introducing something new to your routine.


    Are the ingredients blended for maximum absorption? Many of us will know that curcumin, the active component in turmeric that gives the herb its beautiful yellow hue, is far better absorbed if mixed with black pepper - the perperine enhancing curcumin absorption by 2000%! Look for products that have thought about how to make everything work harder.

    Finally, and this may be counter-intuitive, look to the supplements that are more than a product-sell. Menopause is a complex life stage that impacts all of us in different ways. We’re wise enough by midlife to see through the sales pitch; but look too for the brands recognising the need to address how we ‘digest stress’ as well as what we pop in our mouths.

    what is mpowder & how does it work

    MPowder is a co-creation community on a mission to make midlife a superpower for women everywhere! Our wholefood-led powdered blends look to provide a functional foundation layer for our bodies through perimenopause and then, following our menopause anniversary, postmenopause. Each blend contains 29+ ingredients selected for potential seen in the lab and verified by our community in small scale research studies. And each blend is also regularly refined as a result of ongoing symptom tracking with our customers.

    how to make the most out of mpowder

    Prepare for a powerful punch: Our blends are designed to deliver. You may experience detox symptoms in the first few days of introducing our powders. This often leads to a reduction in bloating / gut discomfort which is a key symptom in menopause for many in our community. However, if this persists beyond 7 days, it may be because you need a little less. Every body is different. Contact us at and we can ensure you establish the right protocol for you.

    Consistency is key: MPowder is designed to be taken everyday, ideally before lunch to get maximum benefit from the energy-giving ingredients
    Our taste buds are as individual as our bodies: bitter is good in menopause! As our bodies naturally produce less stomach acid, a ‘tart’ taste on the tongue acts as a powerful natural signal to prepare our body to digest. It is why our blends are proudly artificial flavour free! But, depending on your preferences, you may want to add our powder to a favourite smoothie recipe or protein shake. We’ve so many tips and hacks from our community to share! - simply email us at if you need a little inspiration to find a recipe that you’ll relish adding to your daily ritual.


    Finally-tap into the vibrant MPowder community. The people that determine what we do next...the people and experts who make us better! This life-stage is best navigated when we think about all facets of our lives. It’s an opportunity to decide how we want Part 2 to be! From regular LIVES with the very best midlife medical experts and holistic practitioners, to conversations with people like you, we’re here for all of it. Find us @mpowderstore on Instagram. Or knock on the door of our private Facebook group, The Powder Room! We’d love to welcome you in.

    the takeaway

    Natural Menopause Supplements can be valuable nutritional support to our bodies in menopause. Look for the companies prioritising natural ingredients in their most bioavailable forms, consult a qualified practitioner if you’ve any concerns about ingredients, and seek out the brands doing more than a product sell.


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