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    Everything You Need To Know About Vegan + Eco Friendly Condoms

    We’re proud to stock Roam products, which are all vegan and incredibly eco-friendly, and want to tell you a little bit more about them

    By Anna Myers / Aug 31, 2022

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    Hands up if you knew most condoms (probably the ones you’ve been using all along) were… not suitable for vegans? I’ll admit I’d never heard of this before last week. 

    With around 130 million condoms bought and used each year in the UK, the numbers do add up, and sustainable choices at such a scale make a huge difference. Ecological credentials and brand values are something more and more people are (rightfully! thankfully!) looking for when it comes to their purchase choices and brand loyalty, and that includes us at Dandy. 

    That’s why we’re proud to stock Roam products, which are all vegan and incredibly eco-friendly, and want to tell you a little bit more about them!

    WHY ROAM? 

    We love Roam and we’re so proud to stock their products, because their aim is to make the world a more sex positive place and make products to support healthy sexual exploration for all. 

    Their condoms are made with up to 40% less plastic vs traditional condom foils, so every time you get down with a Roam condom, you’re saving plastic. Not only that, they plant a tree for every order you place and they are committed to a carbon quota across their business, starting with Scope 1 & 2 and Green-House Gas. They really care about the environment ––no greenwashing here.

    They are members of the Fair Rubber Association, which ensures that latex farmers are fairly compensated for their efforts, and of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, one of the world's largest collaborative platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains. 

    And we’re not alone in loving them! The reviews are in, and they are glowing: “It really is great for an uncircumcised penis, and it stays on during sex quite easily. Overall, it exceeded any expectations.” “We love the feel and fit of Roams condoms, how awesome that your condoms are fair rubber certified,” and “the natural rubber used for the condom feels great on the skin and has great elasticity.” 


    Wait, but most condoms are made of latex ––not meat or animal jelly–– so what’s the problem? 

    Well, latex itself is vegan, as it comes from rubber trees or is made synthetically. At the last stage of production, however, standard condoms are dipped in casein in order to help make them smoother and softer, as well as more flexible. And casein, of course, is a dairy protein derived from cows milk, which means standard condoms not only contain an animal by-product, but they also contribute to the cruel practice of calf separation and cow abuse.

    Now, not only is knowing about casein in condoms important for vegans and anyone who feels for tiny calves separated from their mothers, but also for anyone with a dairy allergy. Who knew, right?

    The most surprising part is that some non-latex condoms are actually made out of lambskin –which are, of course, not only not vegan, but also not entirely protective when it comes to STDs. This is because lambskin actually has tiny tiiiiny holes in it, which allows for infections to get from one partner to the other.



    Roam condoms are made with 100% natural and vegan latex, and their foils use up to 50% less plastic compared to traditional foils for safety and sustainability. The packaging is entirely recycled and recyclable, and they’re electronically triple tested to the highest industry standards for comfort and confidence. They’re extra lubricated with silicone-based lubricant and ultra-thin, and come in slim, regular, and large sizes. So you can play with the right stuff, and take both toxic people and toxic products out of your sex life! 

    Vegan & Cruelty-Free

    They are cruelty free, because Roam don’t test on animals, and entirely vegan, since they don’t use any animal by-product. The only ingredient is 100% natural fair rubber latex, so you know exactly what you’re putting on -or in. 


    In times of extremely close environmental scrutiny, every small choice matters. From the packaging to the production methods, it’s important to invest in companies who care about the planet and do their part to protect it, and Roam is one of them. Their condoms are incredibly eco-friendly, and entirely biodegradable.


    Roam is committed to using only Fair Rubber, ensuring their rubber is from natural sources rather than synthetic as well as making sure that production standards are fair for plantation workers. This means that they’re helping to support rubber farmers in building a more sustainable future for their families, and that by choosing Roam you are directly impacting communities in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

    Medical Grade

    Roam condoms are fully compliant and expertly tested under ISO 4047 + CE regulation. They are free from nasty chemicals, like spermicide, which can cause vaginal dryness, or benzocaine which can cause irritation. 


    Dandy, Delivered.

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