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    The New Women's Health Supplements Taking The Industry By Storm

    Sponsored by Vida Glow

    By Sophie Bronsteint / Jun 07, 2023

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    It's no secret that women's health is often overlooked and lacks the attention it deserves. Shockingly, a recent study revealed that only 1% of global healthcare research and innovation focuses on female-specific conditions - a fact that is truly astounding considering the unique changes and challenges women experience throughout their lives.

    Maintaining optimum health as a woman requires a balanced diet with the right nutrients and vitamins. However, there are times when we could benefit from an extra boost to ensure we're meeting our specific nutritional needs - and that's where genius supplement brand Vida Glow steps in.

    Founded in 2014, Vida Glow quickly gained recognition and acclaim for its revolutionary Natural Marine Collagen range. The brand's success soared, prompting them to expand their offerings with the Advance Repair range—a collection of supplements designed to address specific beauty concerns.

    But they’re not stopping there. Vida Glow is now venturing into the realm of women's health, introducing a range of supplements specifically targeted at female health concerns.

    They understand that women's well-being extends beyond skincare and beauty, and their meticulously crafted supplements are tailored to meet the unique needs of women; filling a void in the industry and emphasising the importance of women's health. Their commitment to bridging the gap in female-focused research and development is unwavering, and their mission is to offer women the tools they need to thrive.

    So which supplements are best for you, and why do you need them? The new range consists of four different offerings, catering for women at all stages of life.

    vida glow

    For Pregnancy: Vida Glow Prenatal+

    Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey that brings about remarkable changes in a woman's body. However, it also requires additional care and support. Enter Women's Health Prenatal from Vida Glow—an indispensable ally for expectant mothers.

    Recent data reveals that a staggering 30% of pregnant women experience low iron levels. To address this concern, this prenatal supplement has been meticulously crafted with essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, and calcium – all of which play a crucial role in promoting a healthy pregnancy and mitigating the risk of birth defects.


    For All Women: Vida Glow Multi-360

    In the whirlwind of balancing countless responsibilities, women often overlook their own well-being; but the Multi-360 supplement is here to revolutionise your approach to self-care. This all-rounder supplement is designed to cater to the diverse needs of women, recognising the hormonal changes that occur throughout our lives.

    From the tumultuous journey of puberty to the transformative stages of menopause, hormonal fluctuations can impact our energy levels, mood, and overall health – and Multi-360 is specifically formulated to address these unique needs.

    Packed with a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal extracts, this powerful supplement is your secret weapon in maintaining balanced energy levels, supporting hormonal equilibrium, and bolstering immune function.


    For The Women Taking It All On: Vida Glow De-Stress

    In the chaotic modern world, feelings of anxiety and stress can be all too familiar. Incorporating Vida Glow De-Stress supplements into your daily health routine provides relief from stress symptoms and mild anxiety, promoting overall mental wellbeing.


    This innovative formulation combines scientifically studied botanical extracts with essential mood-stabilising active ingredients, including vitamin C and vitamin B5. By targeting immediate stress responses and promoting emotional balance, De-Stress works tirelessly to enhance your overall health and well-being.


    But what sets De-Stress apart from standard anti-stress and anti-anxiety supplements? Its ability to modulate your body's adaptation and response to stress in both the short and long term. In fact, clinical studies have demonstrated a 39% reduction in anxiety levels within 6 weeks and a significant 59% decrease in stress-related tension after 12 weeks of use. 


    For Tackling Gut Health & Vaginal Health In One: Vida Glow Gut Pro

    Discover the key to restoring your gut health and supporting vaginal well-being by incorporating Gut Pro into your daily health routine.


    Not just your average probiotic, Gut Pro provides relief from bloating and helps maintain optimal vaginal pH balance at the same time. This evidence-based formula is specifically designed for women, harnessing the power of clinically studied probiotic species and active herbal extracts to keep your gut feeling great day in, day out.


    By restoring optimal gut health and function, Gut Pro simultaneously alleviates bloating, reduces symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, and promotes healthy digestion. It goes even further by balancing the microflora of the female intimate area.


    The supplement works to restore the beneficial bacteria in both the gut and vaginal microbiome with just one convenient daily capsule. Its soothing ingredients work directly at the source, boosting levels of good bacteria and preventing the production of harmful bacteria.



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