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    101 Tips To Get Your Sleep Patterns Into Routine

    From changing seasons, life stresses to the toll of social media driven anxiety, we’ve become a nation of poor sleepers. Infact, according to Kings College London research, over 63% of Londoners – the capital is home to the worst pillow tossers and turners – say that their sleep patterns have got even worse since the lockdown.  London is now the official city that literally ‘never sleeps!’

    By Davina Catt / Apr 05, 2023

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    Chaotic sleep patterns are also so self-perpetuating – from grabbing caffeine for a morning kick that sets off a spiralling system, (have you listened to The Medical Medium podcast on the effect of caffeine) to eating carb filled, sugar laden snacks on the go, or ending the day with a boozy dinner – are all factors in our degenerative sleep habits.


    Other less obvious factors include noise and the toll stress takes on one’s sex life – The British Medical Journal reported that fewer than half of the UK aged 16-44 years have sex once a week, due to the stress of modern life. Did you know sex is a more healthy way (than social media) to flood your brain with dopamine late at night?


    So with searches for sleep apps up by 100% but also largely costing a subscription fee and the NHS even reporting a figure of 1million in Britain prescribed insomnia medications each year, Dandy has 101 tips on how to tackle disrupted sleep and create a routine to avoid insomnia based anxiety and depression.



    ‘Sleep hygiene’ might be a grim term but it gives you the idea. Try re-organising your room, check your blinds do blackout light exposure. Make sure you don’t work and sleep in the same area – or spend all your early evening before bed phone ‘scrolling.’ Try and go to sleep at the same time and switch off your phone beforehand. 



    Help yourself with the array of sleep related products (see our range) – we love the Ross J Barr Sleep Patches created by one of the UK’s leading acupuncturists and Mulberry Sleep Silk Mask, a hypoallergenic, blackout bedtime essential.


    Make sure you do a ‘mind dump’ before bed – worries from the day as well as ‘churning’ over your to-do-list for the next day, are likely to cause sleep deprivation. Try from our range of journals, The Five Minute Journal. 


     Practice mindfulness into the evening to ‘calm’ the mind before lights out. You can find plenty of sound bath rituals online, light a scented candle and lower the lights in the bathroom, relax to classical music in the bath (did you know the dopamine classic music spikes in the brain prevents the release of stress hormones?)


    Pillow appeal – have you seen our Bodha Cashmere Aromatherapy pillows? Release facial tension and calm your mind with this therapeutic scented pillow. Dabble a little of our OTO CBD Pillow Mist (a world first) on your night-time pillow to promote relaxation through reacting with the human cannabinoid system.

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