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    house healing - everything you need to know

    Still relatively unexplored in the mainstream wellness industry, healing our home environments – which also have stored the past negative experiences, emotions of previous owners - can have transformational good effects on our mindset, chakra energy and ultimately life success.

    By Davina Catt / Dec 19, 2022

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    Crystal healing as a tool to cleanse and re-align chakras has now become a popular part of many people’s self-care routine – there’s no need to actually even visit a healer these days with the wealth of energy frequency meditations and balancing mantras out there – but what’s the benefit of healing yourself if you are absorbing the negative energy of your surrounding environment?


    The answer is not much. We are conscious beings, constantly soaking up surroundings, mood and energies and that includes our homes. When we as people suffer stress, negative emotions, challenging experiences, we not only create chakra blocks but expunge all those negative energies into our environments, and even if we cleanse ourselves, those same external bad energies then feed back into our chakras. Lose, lose.

    enter: house healing

    what is house healing? 

    Quite simply it cleanses, lightens, brightens the dark energies that have festered in our home spaces (note these could have gathered over years, including from previous house owners) so we don’t absorb negative elements from our home surroundings.


    Certified house healers focus on clearing a variety of energies: Geopsychic spiritual stress, land stresses (commonly referred to as geopathic stress) and electro-magnetic stresses.


    They work with old school dowsing rods to identify areas with blocked, negative energy (even stored house trauma) and reconnect it with the divine light or spiritual energy.

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    Geopsychic Stress

    This is stress within a property or on land caused by psychic phenomena – this could be from anything such as earthbound souls, negative thought forms or negative power objects. Healing geopathic stress can’t happen until the psychic phenomena is identified and cleared. Yes, for some it might be difficult to believe but homes store trapped souls and powers who become comfortable in the negative home energy and need to be removed for healing to begin.

    Geopathic Stress

    Geopathic stress is largely unrecognised by house owners because it stems from underground elements. These can include mines, tunnels and other underground streams which cross energy lines – these can all cause energy stresses above ground where we live.

    Geomagnetic Stress

    All electrical items – TV, Wifi, fuse boxes, electrical wires – produce magnetic waves. Part of the house clearing process is to neutralise negative waves emitting from electrical items and put in protection around the property against outside emissions.

    Other methods include visualisation, breath work and intention to clear homes – and often the history of the house is a part of the healing process. One renowned house healer recounts a story of ‘clearing’ a 18th century country home: after spending a day at the historic house, there was one area that her dowsing rods kept honing in for geopathic stress, and she uncovered an underground area (previously unknown to the owners) full of old books that had been stored since WW2.


    Infact a few years ago the World Health Organisation identified roughly 50% of buildings as ‘sick.’


    If your home doesn’t feel like a safe place or you suspect it has negative, blocked energy, there are some tricks you can try yourself first. Movement is the first step so burning sage or even ringing bells is a way to get the dead energies moving.


    Generally, it’s energy healers (for people) who also train in house healing. Below are some of the most renowned.

    Georgia Coleridge

    Renowned energy healer, Coleridge has been working on complimentary approaches to healing for more than thirty years. She works on people to treat physical, emotional and spiritual ailments but also has experience successfully ‘treating’ or clearing all sorts of properties from surburban London flats to historic country homes or even land property. She has written bestselling books on the subject too.

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