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    Magnetism & Mindfulness with "Modern Mind" Founder Amber Lyon

    Dive into the captivating world of Magnetism and Mindfulness with "Modern Mind" Founder Amber Lyon. Uncover the transformative synergy between magnetic energy and mindset as Amber shares her insights. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the intersection of science and spirituality. 

    By  Grace Freeman / Jan 02 2023

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    When writer and magnetism coach Amber Lyon first started wellness brand Modern Mind back in 2020, she had no idea that it’d become just as big as it has within the mindfulness community. 


    She’d moved to New York City from New Zealand to work as a model and was feeling overwhelmed with the transition when the seedling idea of it was first planted.


    “I’d missed a casting because I’d gotten lost on the way,” Amber explains. “I was sat in a café, I was upset, and I pulled out my phone and wrote something out as a way of sort of digesting and alchemising what was going on within me. I started to think that it was something that might resonate with others and help others – and that was really the seed of the whole thing.”


    The Instagram page that followed has now attracted a like-minded followship of almost 250,000 – and Modern Mind has evolved into a reflective and energetic space, dedicated to implementing tools and practices that can help us to cultivate our best lives with ease and authenticity. 


    “At every stage of life, we have to face something new,” says Amber. “And with something new comes new parts of ourselves that we discover. My returning question is: how can we do that with more grace, more joy, and more compassion for ourselves?”

    mind + spirit

    magnetism & mindfulness

    If asked to extract the essence of Modern Mind, the fundamentals for Amber are magnetism and mindfulness – and in a time when there’s a lot of noise around both of these concepts as tools for self-development, her own definition of each is so wonderfully considered and simple.


    “Without these two core elements, anything I do wouldn’t work,” she says. “Mindfulness, to me, is building space between the noise of the mind and who we really are beneath it. The more space we have there, the more we can question the points that pop up from our own experiences or beliefs – and the more space we have to build out new thoughts.”


    “And then, with these new thoughts comes magnetism. How can I have a vision so great for my life that it pulls me more than life is pushing me? How can I feel pulled into that, as well as have the space and the capacity to tap into it? That’s Modern Mind. It’s setting that vision for ourselves, then breaking down that vision into actionable, daily tasks.”

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    practical magic

    A key consideration when defining the ethos of the brand was to provide the community and clients with practical tools and developmental skills that can be carried forwards into day-to-day life.


    “I’m so focussed on the practicality of the work, not just intellectually knowing it to be true,” Amber shares. “I want to bring in the teachings of ancient philosophy and spiritual wisdom to modern life, and embody the work through daily actions and practices, so that it becomes easier and more reflexive for us to show up in a way that’s aligned with that.”


    The popular four-week Magnetic Mind course is a workshop that offers participants exactly that: a chance to align with the vision of exactly who they want to be – and to understand the steps they need to take to align with that, through the exploration of four universal laws. “We all have the ability to shift our state and our perspective, and you have to be willing to dive deep into that,” she says. “It’s so rewarding to see how much these monthly workshops can change lives.”

    magnetism & mindfulness

    Week one focuses on the law of cause and effect, and becoming conscious of how we show up in the world: “We need to be aware of our role as a creator in our own lives, in order to build out that roadmap of where we want to be.”


    The second week looks at the law of attraction and understand what it is that we want to make us happy. 


    “So often we don’t know what that is,” explains Amber. “It’s about chasing the feeling of the experience that we want, rather than being caught up in the specifics of how it arrives. We need to allow space for life to surprise and delight us.”


    Week three is all about the law of vibration and shifting ourselves into the state of alignment of what feels good to us as individuals – without external influence or assumption, and based on our own definition: “Once we feel in alignment with our authentic selves, that’s when we can really pull things in quickly.”


    The fourth and final week works with the law of aligned action, of taking inspired action towards the goal or the experience or the feeling, and of giving ourselves permission to move towards it: “Things don’t move or change unless we show up and take action, and that’s our divine right as a creator in life.”

    a little boost

    “A free little tip would be to take some pen and paper and to write down what’s really important to you and what makes you feel good. 


    Take any of those micro-moments of joy and build three of them in throughout your week – schedule them in, hold that promise to yourself, prioritise your joy, and you’ll feel so good for it.”

    modern mind's future

    If you’d asked Amber previously what was next for Modern Mind, she’d have answered the question with publishing a book, but that’s already in the works – ‘You Are a Magnet’ is due for international publication in June 2024. “It’s such a surreal feeling to know it’s happening,” she shares. “There’s such power in owning and speaking things before they come into fruition.”


    So, with the book already on its way, what is next? “I think I’d love to see Modern Mind become a physical location, as well as a digital one – a home for modern wellness within a metropolitan city. 


    But it’s important to still focus on sharing the day-to-day resources and connecting with the community, too. I live the business by the same ethos that I live by: to give what you can and to trust the flow of where that leads you.”

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    Disclaimer: this article is here for educational purposes only and is written from personal experience and opinion we are not giving active advice. 

    You should always seek the advice and support of mental health professionals if you have queries about your health.

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