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    What's New In Wellness January 2024?

    Start 2024 as you mean to go on, Dandy rounds up What is new in Wellness for the month of January. 

    By Davina Catt / Dec 30, 2023

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    new luxury tea range

    Award winning, luxury body care brand, Byredo, has launched its tea range, ‘Salon De The’ collection, which seeks to provide an evocatively powerful emotional experience. Expertly crafted in France from 100% natural recipes, try from a range of flavours, rich in aroma and cherished memories. Unique flavours include Renaissance, Flower therapy, Atmospherique, Aurora, Tea odyssey, and Eureka filled with consciously sourced ingredients including assam, nilgiri, natural bergamot and even marigold.

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    new in

    new wellbeing brand for the soul & senses

    Think all things balance and rejuvenation with a supermodel twist, Cosmoss by Kate Moss is her new holistic self-care and mindful beauty range. Expect fragrance, skincare, teas and ritual sets all sourced from nature: Love Letters & Dawn and Dusk Teas, Sacred Mist mood boosting fragrance, Golden Nectar Pro collagen oil, and Cosmoss calming evening tea are all in the tantalising mix.

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    new healthy habits brand

    MUD\WTR first came about when its founder not only realised his addiction to coffee but how that had a wider impact on his health, creativity and emotional wellbeing; and so the first soon-to-become cult product was born, :rise cocoa. An alternative to coffee and herbal tea, the rise cocoa concoction is made from cocoa, chai and mushrooms with lions mane and reishi added in. New products include a creamer and morning ritual starter kit.

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    new award winning bone broth

    Freja is the new bone broth to give you the best start to the day. Bone broth is a simple and nutritious superfood given new flavour and super goodness by Freja: responsibly sourced, using only 100% natural ingredients, and packed with protein, collagen and amino acids. Available in a variety of flavours.

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    new networking app

    CLIQ is the new app that will connect you with like-minded individuals at the click of a button. In a world of so much disconnection, CLIQ makes it easy to find your tribe, connect with communities and discover networking events and host your own. 

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    Loewe x Cloudtilt


    Eleeels Hot Spa Stone Set

    The Tech Bar




    new subscription based wellness club & skincare brand

    You’re Looking Well, a UK based wellness club and skincare microbiome start up brand based on science, has new backing and development. Look out for the subscription service with membership packages for the online spaces, which offer science backed skincare and supplements for gut and skin health concerns. 

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    new drone technology facial

    Luxury skincare brand, Crystal Clear, founded by beauty entrepreneur Sharon Hilditch MBE in the mid 90’s has always been synonymous with skin innovation. The new Skinstorm facial is the first of its kind, utilising layering techniques and drone technology, to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin layers. The facial uses a patented dissolvable oxygen infusion to help kill skin bacteria and create a mattress effect that will plump and firm. Now available at newly opened Lamure clinic, London SW3

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    new transformative workout & wellbeing practise

    Transformative workout and wellbeing practice, Sanctum, is launching in London in January 2024 as part of its global rollout. Founded during the pandemic in Amsterdam by Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski, Sanctum combines elements of HIIT with kundalini yoga, martial arts, animalistic flow, breathwork and primal fitness, while also marrying Eastern wellbeing practices with Western fitness methods to bring a sense of purpose and reconnection to working out. A holistic movement sequence, Sanctum is designed to expand the mind and alter body frequencies: classes take place in candle lit, iconic locations, including churches. 

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    new multi-dimensional healing space

    Acuyu, the integrated five element and traditional acupuncture, nutrition, healing lifestyle and spiritual counselling practice is now available at Vakrat Hair Salon, the luxury hair and beauty space situated in a Grade 11 listed building in Hampstead, London. From five element acupuncture based on the key elements of creation, wood, fire, earth, metal and water, which create life’s natural mysterious order, to traditional Chinese medicine, holistic pain solutions, realigning energetic anatomy, healing dietary advice and lifestyle coaching, you can create a bespoke package to fit everything from back, neck, shoulder pain to arthritis, fibromyalgia and sciatica. 

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