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    Books To Inspire Your 'T Total' Journey

    Davina Catt

    As we enter into a new year and the hashtag #dryjanuary re-circulates around media platforms, we consider those for whom sobriety wasn’t just a short-term choice. Whether that be through spiralling addiction or just the need for better life balance and clarity in a world consumed by chaos and anxiety, going sober is a challenging and often bumpy ride. We recommend these books, in which the authors have detailed their personal journeys to sobriety and inner contentment with unflinching honesty, and humour.



    Sober on a Drunk Planet: by Sean Alexander

    This easy-to-read book explores the idea that sobriety can be beneficial for anyone and everyone. The narrative takes the form of 8 critical areas of life and how giving up alcohol can greatly improve each area – with insight from Alexander’s own experiences interwoven along the way.

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    The Sober Diaries: How one woman stopped drinking and started living by Claire Pooley.

    An inspirational, engaging tale to follow of one successful career and family woman’s attempt to stop drinking. Travel through the twists and turns as Pooley weaves in her own research and advice on practical questions, such as ‘What do I say to friends and family?’ or ‘How do I know if I am alcoholic?’ The book also navigates Pooley’s diagnosis with breast cancer and how being both drink and cancer free, she has never had greater fulfilment in her life. Full of humorous moments.



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    The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

    This book documents a 30 day programme, which each day shows you a new way of thinking about booze and asks you a little closer why you drink, what you get out of it, and whether it is really alcohol that is giving us what we want. Annie Grace is the bestselling author of This Naked Mind, which documented a path to sobriety, this follow-up book gives you the tools you need to understand alcohol, dependency and whether you need it or not.


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    Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You by Karolina Rzadkowolska

    Rzadkowolska, an alcohol-life free coach, explores the alcohol-free life in two parts in this engaging, easy to read book. The first half of the book is ‘classic quit lit,’ covering all the good things you will get from not drinking (both physical and psychological), self-improvement, tips and inspiration; the second half is a practical eight week plan to give up alcohol. The book is immersive with journal writing areas and exercises to help you if you are beginning your path to sobriety.


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    Rock Bottom and Rising: Simon Chapple

    For those who are or have struggled with alcohol addiction, this gripping novel is a candid and personal exploration of the fight to break addictive patterns and reach full time sobriety; the author details his own tumultuous journey through high and lows, interspersed with 21 essays of others experiences too and practical insight and advice. A resourceful, uplifting read by Chapple, now an author, speaker and coach for addiction recovery.


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