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    MUST READ: The Source by Dr Tara Swart

    Davina Catt
    The Source by Dr.Tara Swart

    As new year resolutions have become an outdated concept, archived to the end of year Noughties glossy print magazines they so regularly featured in, developments in both spiritual understanding and the neuroscience of the brain support ‘Intention setting’ as a way to successfully work towards your goals.


    Put simply, an intention is an aim or purpose, something you plan to do or achieve: intention setting is empowering and instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance, you become the conscious creator of your day to day.


    For those still convinced sending messages to the universe is all woo-woo, enter Dr Tara Swart, award winning neuroscientist, MIT Sloan senior lecturer and medical doctor, and her bestselling book, The Source.

    The Source is the book currently on most people’s lips as we come through challenging times and for those looking to create a change in or a better future life direction. The good news is we are no longer powerless in our pursuit of goal achievement or life creation.



    Dr Tara Swart is a world leader in bringing together scientific fact with spirituality. For the first time, she reveals in The Source, the surprising science that supports ancient wisdoms such as the law of attraction, manifestation, visualisation into fact.


    In The Source, Swart encourages us to strip away any ‘woo-woo’ type skepticism and understand how practices such as Law of Attraction have the power to change our destiny, simply by reshaping our mind. Throughout The Source, Swart guides us in ways to free ourselves of self-limiting behaviour and propel us to our most authentic selves.


    Neither do you feel alone, Swart litters the book with anecdotes and experiences from her own journey from skeptic to believer: ultimately illustrating how you can find health, purpose, joy, success, wealth from ways of thinking, feeling, acting – all governed by the brain.


    Dr Tara Swart
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