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    Karmic Relationships (Explained)

    Demystifying karmic relationships: gain a deeper understanding of their meaning and purpose. Explore the profound concept of karmic relationships, learn about their significance in our lives and discover how they can lead to personal growth and transformation. Our guide provides insights and clarity on this spiritual connection.

    By Anna Myers / Dec 07, 2023

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    The world moves on, another day, another drama / but not for me, all I think about is karma. Taylor Swift fans, can I get a hell yeah? That’s the first thing I think about whenever I hear the word karma: Taylor’s iconic reputation era and the explanation she gives in Look What You Made Me Do as to what karma even is: maybe I got mine but you’ll all get yours

    Karmic relationships, however, have very little to do with our western, simplified interpretation of the concept of karma ––and even less to do with Taylor Swift. Of course, this is not a clinical term nor one you would hear thrown around in a therapist’s office, but nevertheless, exploring what a karmic relationship is and is not can be beneficial in understanding ourselves better, and progressing on our personal development path. Let’s find out what we mean by this, shall we?

    what is a karmic relationship?

    When we talk about karmic relationships, we’re describing a type of romantic relationship that showcases a significant power imbalance and often unstable antics or dynamics. Its defining characteristics are “off and on” behaviours, breakups and reunions, and the sort of instant connection or “fated” feeling that might lead you to believe you are destined to be with a certain person. 


    But if you’re meant to be together, why is it so hard to make a relationship work?


    It might be because you’re trapped in the spiral of a karmic relationship, and fighting a daily battle to re-experience the trauma of past relationships (or even past lives) so you can finally break free of the hold it has on you and reach a stage of healing, peace, and inner freedom. 


    Karmic relationships are often defined as “love lessons” for their ability to teach us certain invaluable lessons that we need to learn in this lifetime, so we can do better, be freer in the next one. That’s where the more mainstream understanding of “karmic” comes in, as the buddhist concept of karma is precisely that what happens to you in your next life will be based on what you do in this life. 


    In other words: break free while you’re here, and you’re doing future-you a solid favour. But should you fail to learn the lesson these traumatic partnerships are trying to teach you… well, you might have to go through the same thing again in the next life, until you finally resolve the issue at the root. 

    sexual health

    warning signs of a karmic relationship



    This is where Taylor Swift songs come in handy once again. Sure, no relationship is truly devoid of drama, but if your love life has more highs and lows than a rollercoaster, you might want to reconsider whether you truly want to tolerate them. 


    An instant connection


    The spiritual idea behind this is that our soul and our partner’s knew each other “before” we entered this life, and we can feel the connection when we meet them on Earth as we recognise our paths have crossed before. 




    Phrases like “you consume me” and “you occupy my every thought and feeling” might seem romantic on TV, but they’re actually… a huge red flag! Healthy partnerships should teach us how to stand on our own two feet, not to need someone else to complete us.


    Constant worrying about how it will end, never feeling settled


    Unstable relationships bring forth an incredible amount of anxiety, which in turn can make us feel like we never know what the next steps could be and we never see the light at the end of the tunnel of a more traditional “happy ending.” If we’re missing a steady foundation, it’s going to be impossible to build on it. 




    If you never quite feel like you have solid ground beneath your feet, you’ll more than likely be fighting off feelings of jealousy and envy, as well as possessiveness and controlling dynamics. Sometimes, like with codependency, this can turn into a proper obsession, and it’s a sign that something in the relationship is not quite working.


    Miscommunication, frequent arguments


    Push, pull, on, off, then do it all again. It’s all a big misunderstanding, but each time you barely have time to clear before the spark of the next fight sets off. But why can you just not see eye to eye? Well, it’s because karmic relationships are supposed to bring out the worst in us, exactly so that we can heal it.

    karmic relationship vs twin flame

    The basic difference between karmic relationships and soulmates, also known as twin flames, is this: “Karmic relationships are about growth, where soulmates and twin flames are about healing.” 


    What it comes down to is the reality of how meeting your twin flame will heal and awaken your spirit, not beat it. A twin flame path is one that meets us with compassion and forgiveness, with the purpose of making us more aware of our spiritual path and the reason we are alive on Earth. 


    A karmic relationship, on the other hand, is simply a tough lesson we need to learn and move on from.

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    how to end a karmic relationship

    Want to know the #1 sign that your romantic relationship is karmic in danger? It can’t last!  Inevitably, karmic relationships will run up against too many exhausting tests, including that of time, and come to an end. 


    It is really, incredibly hard to keep a relationship going amidst high tension, drama, jealousy, codependency and volatility, so they usually just find their way to an ending once one or both partners feel they have exhausted their options. 


    Karmic relationships can also become abusive or toxic in nature. Frequent arguments often lead to prolonged feelings of uneasiness and a pit of fear in your stomach, and we encourage you not to dismiss that: it’s your intuition, telling you something is just not right. 


    Relationships are supposed to be joyful and equal, passionate but never overly unbalanced, and most importantly, they do not resemble Sex and The City’s Big and Carrie (run, girl, run). If you believe you might be in a karmic relationship, evaluate all the evidence at your disposal and try to count the red flags, then focus on the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one with yourself. 

    holistic practitioners can help with karmic relationships

    You can, of course, find guidance with the help of a therapist, energetic healer, psychic or even a medium who could tell you more about your past lives and their repercussions on your present. Keep in mind that you’re not alone in what you’re going through. 

    Holistic practitioners are well-versed in these situations, so they’ll be able to help you break free from the trauma bonds connecting you to a partner that’s just not right for you, and guide you on the path to the balanced, mature, conscious and authentic relationships awaiting you on the other side.


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