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    Hows And Whys Of Sex Magic Manifesting

    A slightly different version of the traditional idea behind manifesting: although the core idea of thoughts become things is quite similar, sex magic manifesting brings in a new element, the energy unlocked with the power of orgasms.

    By Anna Myers / Nov 16, 2022

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    The concept of manifesting first went mainstream with the release of Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling 2006 book, The Secret, which was then turned into a movie and promoted on the Oprah Winfrey show. It was the self-help sensation of the century, and it spanned a decade-long (and very much still ongoing) societal obsession with the whys and hows of “transforming your life” and “the road of success and true happiness.” 

    Now, I don’t remember The Secret featuring many sex scenes, do you?

    That’s because what we’re talking about today is a slightly different version of the traditional idea behind manifesting: although the core idea of thoughts become things is quite similar, sex magic manifesting brings in a new element, the energy unlocked with the power of orgasms. How fun, let’s dive in!

    what is sex magic & how does it work? 

    I was a bit sceptical when I first heard of sex magic manifesting, so if you are, too, let me reassure you: it’s nothing scandalous and nothing to get too caught up with in your head about. The concept is actually quite simple, and it has its roots in the ancient Hindu practice of Tantra, which dates back to more than 5000 years ago and is more of a spiritual philosophy than a pornsite category. 


    Sex magic (sometimes also spelled “sex magick”) refers to a type of sexual practice used to cast magic spells and facilitate visualisations or manifestations. As a form of “pleasure-driven mindfulness,” it’s based on the belief that sexual energy can be used to transcend reality, live a more intentional life, quantum leap, and make your desires come true. 

    You do this by opening yourself and your physical body up to the energy of the sexual moment and letting yourself be transported to a higher vibration state, and you don’t need fancy equipment nor any particular tools, except yourself and your own pleasure ––quite the inexpensive, minimalist way to go!

    sexual health

    harnessing sexual energy for magical moment

    Tantric practices and teachings invite you to explore a deeper connection with yourself, or a partner, to experience more intense orgasms, soul gazing, slow massages, and reach new heights of pleasure. This is done through taking stock of your powerful sexual energy, and leveraging it to raise your vibration and clear any resistance you might have to fully embody moments of rapture. 

    The same kind of sexual energy can be used for sex magic manifestations, in very similar ways. By harnessing the powerful energy of your pleasure and your orgasmic release, to deliver your desires into the all-capable hands of the Universe, you’re essentially playing with the build of the euphoric feeling behind both your physical and emotional desires, and letting them bring you over the edge of glory. BRB going to try this out immediately!

    how can you use sex magic to cast manifesting spells? 

    Traditional forms of manifestation spells go something like this: identify your desire, ask the Universe for what you want, and by believing it’s already yours and living in the gratitude of the moment, you will receive it. 

    Sex magic manifesting asks you to start exactly in the same way, by getting very clear (and as specific as you can!) about what you want. Clarity is essential! Then, you’ll visualise and embody the desire as much as possible, trying to convey the feeling of already having it, and this is where it gets sexy: you’ll want to take some deep breaths, tune into your breath and your senses, and let yourself truly feel every part of your body as you either stimulate it yourself of have a partner do it. 


    Set the mood by lighting a candle and putting on some good-times tunes, or lean into whatever makes you feel like your most sensual self. Feel free to add in any affirmations, oils, incense, or any kind of luxuriously Dionysiac help you feel called to ––there’s no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you let yourself feel all the pleasure you can!

    can you use sex toys? 

    Yes, absolutely! We’re big fans of sex toys here at Dandy, and we support their ultimate goal of driving female expression and liberation in whatever way feels good, safe, and fun. 

    You can charge your sex toys during your next Full Moon or New Moon ritual, just like you would your crystals, or even look into toys made out of crystals like these from Chakrubs. Pleasure is pleasure, and whether you’re using hands, penises, or vibrators, all that matters is you let yourself feel all the fun feelings.

    solo magic, couple magic, orgies... it's all magic.

    Solo magic is incredibly powerful, and can be a truly empowering way to connect to your true self and your wildest, most impressive dreams and desires. Whether you feel safer to explore sex magic on your own, or whether you just want to try it out yourself before you ask a partner to join, go have your witchy fun! 


    And if you are performing magic with a partner, remember to ask and receive consent before you get down to business. Both the magic of the body and that of the mind can be more powerful than we realise, and you don’t want to just start casting spells without your playmate being clued in on all the juicy fun that you two (or three, or four, or five… you get the idea) can get up to. 

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