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    Aura Cleansing: Purify Your Energy

    We’re going to take a look into what an aura is, how you can figure out your own aura, how you can recognise if your aura is damaged, and ultimately, how you can practice aura cleansing to bring yourself to a better state of happiness, wellbeing, and authenticity.

    By Liv Surtees / Oct 05, 2022

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    Have you ever walked into a room and sensed that there’s a negative kind of energy? Ever met someone and felt like you had a deep connection with them but you’ve never even spoken to them properly? Do you feel like you can sense what type of energy people are giving off to the world very easily? Well, you might already be better at understanding auras than you give yourself credit for!

    An aura is an energy field that humans, animals, and even objects, have around them, or even more specifically, are a vibrational frequency. An aura isn’t fixed though: it can actually change over time and is specifically impacted by life events, who you come into contact with, and the practices you do.

    Therefore, if something has impacted your aura, you can cleanse your aura to bring yourself back to a more natural and balanced state of being, and you can even work towards cultivating a specific aura.

    what is aura?

    If you’re still thinking “what’s an aura?” After the brief explanation above, don’t panic, I’ve got your back and I’m here to give you a more in-depth understanding of what an aura actually is.

    An aura, as mentioned above, is a type of energetic field that humans, people, and objects have around them. This aura is created by vibrational frequencies within.

    Although auras don’t have a specific scientific backing, the concept of auras have been found in ancient belief and medical symptoms, most commonly in Hindu scriptures such as the Vedas.

    Auras are thought to be linked to specific colours, with many believing that you will be able to understand your aura through the colour that it is. There’s no proven way to see the colour of your aura, but seeking a reading from a spiritual professional that specialises in auras can help you uncover your aura, or even take photos with specific kinds of cameras and photography methods.

    If you are interested in learning what your aura colour is and you need to know which colours suggest which type of aura, take a look at the most common meanings of aura colours here:


    Creative, Energetic, Passionate, Intense. 


    Charismatic, Confident, Empowered. 


    Creative, Sexual, Adventurous


    Open, Loving, Connected to the Environment


    Expressive, Spiritual, Insightful


    Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathetic

    mind + soul

    what is your aura? 

    So, I hear you asking, “without taking photos or heading to a professional aura reader, what’s my aura?”. Well, there are a few things you can do to try and find out!

    visually figure out your aura

    You can attempt two commonly used practices to see your aura colour:

    Use A Mirror

    Place a mirror in front of a white background and stare at yourself in it, focusing on the middle of your forehead. For a minute, without moving your eyes, try to look at the outline of your head and see if any specific colour arises around it. If you see a colour form, that could very well be your aura.

    Look At Your Hands

    Hold your hands up in a normally-lit room, with a white background and stare at the inside of your hands, again for one minute. Without moving your eyes, do the same thing and try to notice if you see any kind of haze or glow emanating from around your hands. If you do, again, this could very well be your aura colour.

    Mentally Figure Out Your Aura

    If you’ve tried the practices above and can’t see an aura colour emerge or you want to ditch the visual practice and try something more internalised, you may be able to work out what type of aura you have by doing some introspective work.

    Whilst thinking about your personality traits and the characteristics of your authentic self is a great place to start, sit, close your eyes, and meditate on your aura, even if you don’t feel it straight away. Whilst you are sitting with your eyes closed, think about who you are, deep down, at your core. Then, think about how you feel at this very moment. 


    For example, if you feel like you’re a charismatic, confident, and empowered person, you might be more likely to have a yellow aura, or potentially even an orange aura if you’re also particularly creative or sexual in your current state.


    But, what if you really can’t see or feel your aura?

    signs & symptoms of a damaged aura

    Everything is connected, even auras. 

    As we move through life, even from day to day and week to week, we encounter different experiences, different people, and therefore, different energies. If you’ve experienced a particularly negative situation or someone else’s aura has rubbed off on you in a powerful way, you may have a damaged aura. 

    How do you know if you have a damaged aura though? Well, here are the most common damaged aura symptoms:

    • You can’t see your aura color.
    • You feel like a faded version of yourself.
    • You’ve lost sight of your authentic self.
    • You feel less or more fiery/charismatic, confident, creative, and expressive.
    • You feel lethargic, anxious, stressed, or “lost”.


    Do you want some good news though? There are things you can do to cleanse your aura and bring your most authentic self back, brighter and stronger than ever. 

    Let’s take a look at aura cleansing!

    how to cleanse your aura

    If you can’t discover your aura colour or you have a feeling that your aura has been altered or damaged by certain energy, people, or experiences you’ve had recently, there are certain aura cleansing practices you can do to heal it and bring it back.

    Cleansing Aura Meditation

    Whether you go to an in-person meditation practice that’s focused on aura cleansing, or choose to use one of the many aura cleansing meditations available online (such as this one available on Youtube), doing a cleansing aura meditation is a powerful way to heal a damaged aura. 

    Aura Chakra Meditation

    Most aura cleansing meditations focus on each chakra within the body and will use the frequency of sound to heal the seven chakras within your body and balance your energetic field (your aura).

    Aura Cleansing Bath

    Having a specific ritualistic bath and bathing practice can help you to cleanse your aura. To do this, fill your bathtub with warm water, add Himalayan salts, and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender oil or rose oil. You can even add flowers or herbs directly to the bath water too. 


    Soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes and whilst you are washing your body or laying within the cleansing mix of oils and salts and herbs, imagine a white light surrounding your body, cleansing you.


    Extra tip: as you drain the bathwater, imagine and visualise negative energy being carried away from you after it has left your body. 


    Doing this practice in silence and with no distractions is important to experience the full effect it has. 

    Aura Cleansing Incense (Smudging)

    One of the most powerful aura cleansing practices you can do is use dried white sage and smudge your energy and your surroundings. Smudging, which is the process of lighting dried white sage and passing it around your body and your home intentionally whilst asking negative energy to leave and positive energy to be called in, is incredibly impactful. 

    When it comes to cleansing your aura or the energy within your home by smudging, you want to concentrate on being slow, mindful, and putting forward clear intentions whilst you do it.

    If you don’t have sage available to you, you can use an incense stick to do the same practice.

    Once you have cleansed your home and body by smudging, open a window and visualise the negative energy leaving your body and space.

    the takeaway

    We all have an aura - it is the essence of us, who we are, and the energy that we put out into the world. Whilst at some points our aura might be bright and strong, it can often get interfered with or damaged by the aura of others. 


    Therefore, to be our most truly authentic, aligned, and empowered selves, we need to be mindful of our aura, be able to recognise when it might be damaged, and know how we can cleanse it if we need to.

    So, let’s start paying more attention to our auras, together.

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