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    Balancing Your Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies: How To Find Energetic Harmony

    Think of this article are your masculine and feminine energy 101 - we’re going to be discussing what these energies are, the traits they’re associated with, and let you know exactly how you can balance them to create a feeling of harmony within both the body, mind, and overall life.

    By Liv Surtees / Dec 20, 2022

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    Do you find yourself being too headstrong to the point where you’re not taking time to listen to your emotional needs? Have you missed out on intimate moments of life because you’re too focused on being assertive?

    Do you notice that you give too much attention to getting lost in your feelings and not enough to logical thinking? Perhaps you’ve realised that you’re bursting with creative flow but you struggle with conquering important tasks? 

    Whilst you might think that you’re simply going through a phase of more logical thinking, or on the other hand, you’re just feeling overly emotional, the truth is, all of these situations can be linked with an imbalance of energies within your body. 

    In order to live a life where both your logical brain and emotional heart can be fulfilled, you have to work on not only understanding masculine and feminine energy, but how you can balance it too.

    what is divine feminine & masculine energy? 

    Although it certainly sounds like they are, masculine and feminine energy are not gendered. Everyone has masculine and feminine energy - they’re universal energies that exist within us, regardless of our gender.

    Feminine energy is widely known as Yin and masculine energy is Yang. Although we may typically visualise the traditional Yin and Yang image that’s balanced when we think about this concept, generally, people actually don’t have balanced energies and will have either naturally dominant masculine or feminine energy.


    Although these energies operate across the entire body, the brain is also associated very clearly with these opposing energies. The left side of the brain is known as masculine - this part of the brain is associated with logical and analytical thinking, control, confidence, assertion, and strength. The right side of the brain is known as the feminine - this part is associated with creativity, nurturing, intuition, empathy, and emotion.

    which energy is dominant for you? 

    Before we dive in and take a look at how you can balance your masculine and feminine energy, it’s important to work out whether or not you have dominating masculine or feminine energy. 

    Although we have taken a look at the general traits of masculine and feminine energy in relation to the brain, let’s take a deeper look at these traits and how you may be able to recognise them showing up in your day to day life.

    It’s essential to say that before we move forward, neither masculine or feminine 

    energy are bad and your dominant energy does not define you - they are both incredibly useful and essential in their own ways, hence we’re looking to balance both of these energies and keep them present.

    mind + soul

    traits of masculine energy

    Whilst you now have an understanding that divine masculine energy is all about being logical, taking initiative, feeling confident, and being assertive, there are a number of other important traits associated with this energy.


    Masculine energy promotes leadership, contribution, security, discipline, courageousness, anger, decision-making, self-reliance, and action. 


    In day to day life, this could show up in a number of situations, such as:


    • Leading projects.
    • Make all of the decisions for yourself.
    • Being career-focused and having rigid goals.
    • Compartmentalising emotions and not allowing emotions to overshadow logic.
    • Continuous problem-solving.
    • Living a structured and planned life.


    If you feel as if these traits accurately describe you or your day-to-day life aligns with any of the points above, you may have more of a dominant masculine energy.

    traits of feminine energy

    Divine feminine energy is all about emotion in a way that masculine energy is not. Instead of being logical, divine feminine energy promotes nurturing, caring, creativity, expression, compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, and surrender.

    Although a lot of those terms may sound overly emotional or even “needy” in some respects, (especially in relation to the traits of masculine energy) divine feminine energy is not insecure in any respect, as long as it is embraced and balanced. 

    In fact, feminine energy centres around existing in a more flow-like state and allows feelings to be embraced and guide the way.

    In day to day life, this could show up in a number of situations, such as:


    • Desire to express creativity.
    • Wanting to feel loved and to love.
    • Enjoying gentle, flowing movements.
    • Collaborating within a collective.
    • Nurturing people and relationships.
    • Existing radiantly and flowing from task to task.


     If you feel as if these traits accurately describe you or your day-to-day life aligns with any of the points above, you may have more of a dominant feminine energy.

    how can you balance your masculine & feminine energy

    Hopefully, by now, you’ve been able to identify whether you have dominant masculine or feminine energy. Or, perhaps you see yourself as a mishmash between the two - lucky you, maybe you’ve already achieved balance and don’t even know it! 

    The interesting thing about these energies is that you can invite more of them into your life when you feel you need to. For example, if you feel like you are struggling with too much feminine energy, you can invite more masculine energy into your life, and vice versa. 

    Although you may want to call out certain energies in specific situations, ideally, on an ongoing basis, you will want to live in a state where your energies are balanced so that you benefit from both and neither of them dominates too much.

    So, here are 6 things you can use to balance your masculine and feminine energy - we’re going to be splitting it down the middle, taking a look at 3 things you can do to raise your masculine energy and 3 things you can do to raise your feminine energy. All you have to do now is take what you need.

    3 ways to cleanse your masculine energy

    Use Masculine Energy Affirmations

    Although this might sound like a fairly simple idea, using affirmations to bring forward masculine energy really can work. Physically speaking affirmations with certain messages can help you shift your mindset and bring forward the masculine energy in your body and mind. Using these kinds of traits can be especially useful if you are needing to lean on masculine energy to get you through a specific time or experience. For example, you could use affirmations such as:


    • I am strong and confident.
    • I am disciplined and can work objectively towards my goals.
    • I am an assertive leader and I can make decisions.
    • I am confident in taking action in my life.

    Aura Chakra Meditation

    Most aura cleansing meditations focus on each chakra within the body and will use the frequency of sound to heal the seven chakras within your body and balance your energetic field (your aura).

    Get Started On Things Instead Of Just Thinking About It

    Typically, feminine energy promotes being introspective. Therefore, to bring forward masculine energy, you can try to actually take action with the ideas and thoughts you have in your mind rather than simply thinking about them. For example, if you’ve been having a thought about bringing up an idea for a project at work, just do it. Although it might mean you have to “fake it till you make it” in terms of confidence, once you take this leap, you’ll already to promoting more masculine energy into your life.

    Make More Decisions For Yourself

    A simple way to bring more masculine energy into your life on a regular and reinforced basis is by making more decisions for yourself, whether that’s what you’re going to have for dinner or where you want to go on holiday next month. Start making more decisions and asserting yourself as the leader in your own life. The more you do this, the stronger your decision-making skills will be and the more masculine energy you’ll bring forward!

    3 ways to cleanse your feminine energy

    Move Your Body

    Feminine energy cultivates a flowing state. So, one of the easiest way for you to call more feminine energy into your life is by physically creating flow in your body. Whether you sign up to regular yoga classes, join an ecstatic dance, or simply stretch in a way that feels good to you upon waking, bring flow into your movement and take time to tune into the emotions that come up physically within your body whilst you move.

    Get Creative

    One of the best ways to promote feminine energy is by expressing your creativity. Creativity is an integral part of the divine feminine and therefore you can call it out by getting creative. Whether you paint, draw, journal, or write poetry, take time to express your emotions through creative exploration.

    Indulge In Reflection

    Whilst masculine energy is logical, feminine energy is emotional. Although you don’t need and definitely shouldn’t try to push emotions forward, allow yourself time to indulge in some self-reflection. Sitting down and journaling about how you feel, how you feel about things happening in your life right now, how you feel about your relationships, and what you want to call forward into your life can be incredibly powerful when it comes to tapping into your emotions and calling feminine energy forward.



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    the secret to balance: check-in with yourself daily

    When was the last time you actually took a moment to stop and properly check in with yourself? I’m not just talking about seeing if you’ve drank enough water or if you’re doing OK dealing with that ongoing work project -  I’m talking about really checking in with yourself. 

    Checking in with yourself and asking yourself questions such as, “How am I, really?”, “Am I acting with my best intentions?”, “Am I happy with how I’m living and feeling at the moment?”, is incredibly useful. However, this isn’t just useful when it comes to checking in with your mental health, but it’s important when it comes to balancing your energies too! 


    Make sure you create time on a regular basis to ask yourself, “How am I moving through life energetically at the moment?”. If you notice that masculine energy is leading the way, think about whether it’s a good idea for you to bring forward more feminine energy and flow into your life. If you notice that you’ve been going through life with too much feminine energy guiding you, it might be time to work on bringing that masculine energy out more! 


    Always spend time to assess, reflect, and move forward, adjusting and promoting the energy you need to keep in a balanced state.

    it's all about balance

    Just as the rest of life is, when it comes to managing the divine feminine and masculine energies in our bodies, it’s all about balance. If you can tune into yourself and not only understand the dominant energy you have, but monitor the energy you’re leading with throughout time, you will be able to balance (or at least get close to balancing!), the masculine and feminine within you.



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