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    How To Get Through The Last Mercury Retrograde

    Get ready to navigate the upcoming mercury retrograde with confidence. Our guide offers practical advice and strategies to help you mitigate potential challenges and make the most of this celestial event.

    By Anna Myers / Dec 11 2023

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    “Three or four times a year,” explains senior astrologer Annabel Gat in a CNN article, “Mercury stops moving forward through the degrees of the zodiac and begins moving backward, or at least only appears to!” 


    The term “retrograde” refers to “the appearance of the planet moving backward in the sky,” and you’d be surprised what kind of havoc this little movement can cause!


    From technological disasters to organisational misunderstandings, plus missed flights, apps crashing, and misunderstandings galore, it’s all Mercury’s fault. The planet of communication plays a crucial role in the astrology of our everyday lives, but during its retrograde phases, the heat is turned up a notch and chances of things going… not exactly according to plan… go through the roof. 


    Chani Nicholas reminds us that while things can get “tricky, testy, and tedious” during this phase, Mercury Retrograde is also “essential to our growth and evolution,” as it can help us learn important lessons about communication, and our own ego. So, let’s strap ourselves in, and find out how to work with Mercury’s energy, not against it.

    the chani app

    Chani Nicholas does things a little bit differently. Her astrology is “for self-discovery, mindfulness and healing,” not simply planet-watching, and the CHANI app is her one-stop tool guiding you through understanding the wisdom of the stars and how to best harness it to live your best life. 


    With real-time personal updates on how to work with the astrology of the moment, a library of meditations for daily use, rituals, and a journal to set intentions and track your growth with each new moon and full moon, the CHANI app holds your hand through every planet’s turn, including Mercury Retrograde, with the gentle and much needed care of an older sister telling you, it’s gonna be okay. 


    You get a free 30 day trial when you sign up, and 5% of all app profits are disbursed directly to Black, Latinx, Native/Indigenous, Queer and/or Trans survivors of gender-based violence by 


    Download it here

    mind + spirit

    tbalance crystals

    Worn by the likes of Adwoa Aboah, Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Jamie Lang, TBalance Crystals are not your ordinary gemstones. As the name suggests, their one goal is to help you find balance wherever you most need it in your day-to-day life… and we sure need a healthy dose of it during Mercury Retrograde, so these little bracelets come in extra handy! 


    They’re the perfect holiday gift, for yourself or a loved one, and will help you get to the root of who you are and what you need most from the world at any given moment. There’s one for every need: abundance, energy boost, stress-relief, strength, healing and inner peace, love, emotional stability, and raising your spiritual vibration. 


    Shop your favourites right here on Dandy Wellness.

    psychic sisters

    There’s no better time to look within than the time of outward chaos, because when all else goes kaboom, introspection might be all you have left to rely on. The Psychic Sisters, founded by world renowned, clairvoyant to the stars, Jayne Wallace, is trusted by celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Charlotte Tilbury, Larry King, Annie Lennox, and Tracey Emin. 


    For over thirty years, they’ve offered tarot readings, clairvoyance, astrology, palmistry and much more.Their team of gifted psychics is available for one-to-one readings at Selfridges, in London, or over email, as well as corporate, media, and private functions. 


    Book a reading here

    magic of i journals

    With all the turmoil and mayhem of Mercury Retrograde, journaling can be a surefire balm for your heart and soul. It works to balance and centre you in the moment, investigate how you’re truly feeling at each turn of the retrograde phase, and will be a precious ally in surviving your next retrograde -- as you can simply go back to what you wrote this time around, and remember how you used this time to better yourself! 


    We recommend the Magic of I journals, made with love in beautiful vegan leather, whose planners help you live with awareness, in alignment with the earth and the cosmos. 


    They stock astrological plannersmini astro pocket plannersmoon phase calendarsdream journals, and more!

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    palm of feronia palo santo

    Palo Santo (in Spanish it means Holy Wood) is known for its properties in dispelling negative energy, providing spiritual protection, and bringing good luck. It’s been used for thousands of years, typically in South America, to cleanse and renew the energy around you ––whether it be your home, your personal space, your office, or simply a moment of healing and centering calmness, palo santo is just what you need to take a breather from the energy of Mercury Retrograde. 


    Palm Of Feronia is a natural self-care brand focused on the ancient principles of aromatherapy and crystal healing. At very affordable prices, they offer a Fairtrade Palo Santo Incense Bundle, where each of its three sticks can be used up to twenty times. 

    breathwork with james breathwork

    Lastly, don’t forget to breathe through Mercury Retrograde. Breathwork is the “quickest, most powerful and effective way to enhance and transform one's state of mind and body,” and James Dowler of Breathe With James uses ancient techniques and breathing practices to help radically improve our physical and mental health, performance and emotional wellbeing. The benefits of breathwork include relaxation, toxin release, anxiety reduction, energy increase, focus improvement and immunity boost. 


    He offers online sessions for anxiety, sleep, resilience, and even just to start the day off on the right foot. Plus, monthly member offers and workshops, trusted by testimonials such as Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, Jack Harries, Roxie Nafousi and Annie Clarke. Sign up for his 7-day free trial here. 

    Wilde House Paper


    Magic of I 




    Psychic Sisters

    Sessions start from £80

    Breathe with James

    Sessions start from £80

    Palm of Feronia



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