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    Vortex Healing: An Ancient Crystal Energy Healing Practice

    Embark on a journey of profound healing with Vortex Healing, an ancient crystal energy practice. Discover the transformative power of this time-honoured technique as it taps into the energy of crystals to harmonise and balance your body, mind, and spirit. Explore the art of energy healing, unlocking the potential for physical and emotional wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of Vortex Healing and experience a revitalizing energy shift.

    By Davina Catt / Dec 30 2023

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    A quick scroll around Instagram and you will soon be inundated with images of crystals – anything from crystal hanging artwork to colour healing jewellery with crystals as protection and healing objects between. But with the over commercialisation of crystals as a healing accessory, what’s the value of ancient energy healing (using crystals and divine energy) as a way to unravel and re-centre blocked pathways in today’s saturated ‘share’ culture?


    And most importantly in the noisy wellness landscape, what’s of long-term benefit rather than a fad driven trend?


    For those looking for authentic crystal healing practices, Vortex Healing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of energy healing available.

    what is vortex healing?

    Visit any crystal healer whose been practising a long time and they will probably mention Vortex energy to you. Vortex Divine Energy Healing is the channel by which one of the oldest, most divine lights is run through the body and system to release the roots of ‘karmic’ issue – the ‘divine’ power behind this is an ‘avatar’ which is a direct incarnation of the Divine that calls itself ‘Merlin’ or a ‘Divine Being.’  This ‘Divine Being’ incarnated as a human being some 5600 years ago, in India, known then as Mehindra – he is the source of the Merlin lineage and the transformational power within Vortex Healing.


    Whilst this might be quite a lot for those new to the crystal healing game to take in, Vortex healing is arguably the most transformational of all crystal energy techniques: Vortex Healing Divine Energy healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing so whilst being grounded in ancient techniques it suits those struggling with the emotional and physical pressures of modern society.


    The ancient philosophy of Vortex Healing is based on the idea that all life is One. (One source, One consciousness, One Divinity) expressing itself as this amazing experience of creation.

    mind + spirit

    how can vortex healing be beneficial?

    So relevant in a time of technology where we have become so ‘connected’ yet so self-disconnected, the ancient ethos of Vortex healing believes that our basic experience of life has become one of separation – this creates many issues including false identities, detachment from the soul, which imprint and condition our human system on all levels. 


    Through this entangled web of life conditioning on multi-dimensional levels, it distorts our human experience, which not only creates multiple emotional issues but creates blockages in our human system, which generate physical weakness and disease.


    As a regular visitor to a Vortex energy healer, I can attest to the benefits: the powerful, all- encompassing feeling of a shot of pure ‘divine light’ being channelled through your whole being not only rids all blockages in the system (often contracted over years and even through past lives) but enters deep into the chakra system in a way not possible just through crystal healing. 


    I had suffered years of unravelled trauma, which had become so embedded in my pathways, I felt continuously ‘blocked’ in my day-to-day life, as well as falling into dis-alignment and disconnection between consciousness, soul and physical body.


    Although certainly not a pre-requisite of a Vortex healing session, I requested my practitioner to dig up ‘karmic’ past lives, which I felt were trapping me from moving forward freely and contentedly.


    The effects have been profound: my system feels ‘cleared’ of deep Karmic blocks so I don’t have to regularly visit a practitioner any longer to live my day to day life peacefully, I can ground and re-align myself, if needed, through meditation. I can put conscious intentions to the universe and be able to live my life happily.


    For clarity, Vortex light energy technique is often used in tandem with crystals and colour healing to achieve ‘clearance,’ mind, body alignment and a cleansed chakra system. Vortex energy healing engages with the divine to create the deepest movement of healing that is possible and to find ‘Oneness.’

    Image credit: Pinterest

    vortex healing practitioners & places to visit:



    Experienced Vortex Healing practitioner and yoga expert, aims to empower people through yoga, breath, meditation and intuition.


    The College of Psychic Studies


    Situated at various addresses before settling at their Central London address in 1926. The oldest UK psychic centre, they aim to ‘foster psychic ability and mediumship at the highest level.’ You will find talks, workshops, courses, vortex healing sessions and everything tarot, chakras, mediumship, crystal cleansing related.


    Emma Lucy Knowles: 


    A renowned healer, crystal specialist, clairvoyant, crystal whisperer, energy and light worker, spiritual coach, meditation guide who can put together sessions to suit your needs.


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