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    London's Most Stylish Wellness Destinations

    Sophie Bronstein
    Looking for a new wellness hotspot? Here are our top seven go-to destinations for an instant hit of health…



    Shoreditch & Marylebone


    Feeling the physical effects of city life? From slouching all day at our desks to being awkwardly shoved up against the tube window during rush hour, it’s fair to say our bodies go through it. At MASAJ, you can access a range of massage therapies that specifically tackle tight and tired muscles.





    Whether it’s cosmetic, sports of fertility acupuncture you’re looking for, consider this your one-stop shop. Seriously chic and founded by experienced acupuncturist Georgie Holt, it’s the place to be if you need to free up some energetic space in any part of the body. 




    London - Notting Hill


    A destination making acupuncture cool; PRICC is the ultimate pop-in space for working professionals that need a pick-me-up. With everything from facial acupuncture to hormone balancing treatments available, your therapist will give you a no-frills treatment plan to allow you to achieve your desired results, pronto. 




    Dalston - 180 The Strand


    A haven for those looking to indulge in a little self-care, STILL is a total hot spot if you’re in need of some pamper time. With a tantalising menu of some of the most luxurious nail, facial and body treatments, make this your one-stop shop whenever you need some respite. 



    Grey Wolfe



    Luxury destination Grey Wolfe is a complete wellness sanctuary, bridging the gap between science, spirituality, beauty, wisdom, healing and wellness practices. With bespoke treatments on offer - all of which align the heart, body and soul - Grey Wolfe's ethos is that wellness is so much more than skin deep. Once you've experienced the heavenly plethora of treatments on offer - everything from attuned massages, facial treatments, reiki, sound healing, biohacking treatments and so much more - you can take time to unwind with a herbal tea in a dreamy room for some post-treatment relaxation, followed by a browse of the shop floor. Consider it a one-stop shop for all things zen!



    She’s Lost Control



    A brand with holistic healing and self-discovery at its core, She’s Lost Control offers a range of products, services and experiences designed to help clients reconnect with their inner selves. The space features a store filled with carefully curated products - including crystals, essential oils, books, and other wellness tools - as well as areas where one-to-one therapies take place, such as reiki, tarot readings and sound healing. 



    Salon C Stellar

    Central London


    A high-end hair and beauty salon with a difference. At Salon C Stellar, the aim is to make you not just look your best, but feel your best, too. The luxury beauty treatments on offer (everything from haircuts and colour to facials and massages) are all focussed on relaxation, making it the perfect place to indulge in some serenity.


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