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    12 Wellness Events To Watch Out For In June

    Anna Myers

    Summer is just around the corner, and if you, too, have spent this spring blossoming out of your cocoon and getting ready to get back into the swing of wellness season… this is the perfect time for you to explore our selection of all the best events the city has to offer.

    Keep scrolling to browse some of our favourite events for the month, and we have no doubt you’ll be inspired by quite a few. Get ready to feel like a whole new person by the end of June!


    Throughout June: Morning Yoga at The Mandrake

    In the lush surroundings of the Mandrake Hotel, a gorgeous place of spiritual discovery and a true antidote to urban living, you’ll enjoy the ultimate restorative yoga session led by a certified yoga teacher, energy healer and sound healing practitioner. Classes include affirmations and asanas and focus on activating the chakra system.


    Throughout June: An introduction to psychic reading

    Starting on June 7th, every Wednesday will soon be psychic Wednesday! This eight week course held by Evidential Psychic-Medium David Petrusich is a foundational introduction to the mechanics of psychic readings, and it promises to be a gold mine of energetic knowledge. From mastering psychic blending to the locations in the energetic body, and then again working with spirit guides and the development techniques of psychic senses… if you’re feeling called to mediumship, this one’s for you!



    Throughout June: Deep Relaxation Sound Bath at MOLECULE

    Head to Notting Hill for a deep relaxation sound bath meditation to help bring balance, stay calm and nurture both mind and body. This transformative experience will take you deep into meditative state, release tension and blocks, improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels by leveraging the frequencies and vibrations of gongs, crystal bowls and other instruments to help your brain reach deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Don’t miss out!


    Throughout June: Yoga, Meditation & Pilates At Sky Garden

    There’s no better escape from the hustle and bustle of London’s daily grind than a meditation session with incredible city views from the 35th floor! Sky Garden and TruBe Fitness open up their doors to yoga, pilates, and meditation sessions throughout the month of May: they’re suitable for all levels and abilities, and will be guaranteed to brighten up your month from London’s highest public garden!


    June 4th: Blood, Sweat and Tears menstrual magic workshop

    This workshop at Sanctuary Studio explores the importance of honouring your cycle to live a life empowered by your body, followed by an integration practice in the form of a yin yoga session to deepen your understanding and connection to your body. We think every woman should learn how to align with her inner flow, and we love menstrual magic here at Dandy --it’s a great place to start for every woman looking to reconnect to herself!



    June 5th: Full Moon Sound Meditation at Mortimer House

    Join the famous Mystic Sisters for an introduction to the magical frequencies and vibrations of alchemy crystal bowls: you’ll be guided on a journey to alter your state of consciousness and help you to experience nourishing states of deep meditation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Plus, a Full Moon oracle reading for every participant!



    June 6th: Somatic healing Gong Bath

    This transformative Yoga Nidra psychic sleep session is a deep journey right to the heart of the subconscious designed to let go of deep seated anxiety, mental tension, unresolved traumas, and subconscious blocks. You’ll go through somatic adjustments with the help of a somatic experiencing therapist and allow your nervous system to self-regulate in the most healing way, so both your mind and body can feel renewed. 


    June 9th: Shroom Magic, a journey into the universe of mushroom medicine

    Let yourself be guided through an immersive journey through the magic of sound, frequency, and mushrooms by hosts Molly Anne Chinner and Sean Delahay. Sip on chaga mushroom tea and discover your own vibration, so you can incorporate the wisdom of healing mushroom medicine and rest in an ocean of healing sound waves. You’ll unlock creative insights, flow states, deep emotional processing and unravel subconscious programming, all at once. 


    June 10th: Exploring Hypnosis with Gemma Perlin and Estée Lalonde

    The AllBright Club events are always a guarantee, and this one promises to be an unmissable one. Hosted by superstars Gemma Perlin and Estée Lalonde, this session will  unpack invaluable practices to create change and start to build work-life integration through hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming tools. Book your tickets today!



    June 10th: Women's Hormones: Eating for your Cycle

    Want to better understand how what you eat can affect your menstrual symptoms? This empowering talk on period health and how to balance your hormones by Studio Nourish will cover Hormones 101, hormonal imbalances, and practical steps to a more aligned life. Plus, a goodie bag with some hormonal supporting products from Ross J. Barr supplements & Joe’s Tea Company. 


    June 17th: Wellnergy Festival at Barn Elm Sports Centre

    Wellnergy Festival is back for its 2023 edition! It will be a joyous day with music, mindfulness, food, fitness and laughter enriching the mind, body and soul. Head to Barnes (South London) to explore  a wide variety of stands and workshops, chat to experts like Dr. Alex George, Grace Beverley, Maude Hirst, and Alice Liveing, and get your dose of wellness energy for the month. 



    June 21st: Sex Talks: Pride with TK at the London Edition

    Writer, presenter, and founder of Her Hustle Emma-Louise Boynton is coming back with an all-new Sex Talks event at the London Edition. Sex Talks are open and honest conversations around sex and the female pleasure taboo, something we’re dedicated to exploring and fighting here at Dandy, too! June’s session will TK


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