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    8 Wellness Events To Watch Out For In January

    At Dandy, we’re big believers in any time being a good time to set new habits, goals, and intentions: why wait for a new calendar year to live the life you desire when you can always begin right away? That being said, we also understand how refreshing and inspiring it can be to use the time for an annual reset and really get clear about what you want to achieve and learn in the upcoming months – so let’s dive in.

    This month’s wellness events include a heralding of the new moon, an intuitive awareness practice, and a workshop to help you channel the best manifestation of you.

    By Grace Freeman / Dec 28, 2023

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    6th January

    new year energy palace

    Mystic Leila Sadeghee hosts a day retreat for those looking to align themselves for the new calendar year ahead. Practices in this workshop include intention-setting, energy enhancement, timeline-jumping, and karmic cleanings – all designed with the aim of creating clarity and focus around what you most hope to manifest throughout 2024.

    She's Lost Control

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    new in

    9th January

    reiki & sound healing

    Join Jane, practitioner and founder of eco-spirituality brand House of Jiriki, as she leads you on a journey to connect deeper with your inner self. Using a blend of workshops, meditations, and techniques, learn how to access and apply your personal intuitive awareness with precision and confidence. There are few more helpful tools to help you tap into and tackle all aspects of life than the guidance and clarity of your own intuition – what better way to kick-start 2024?

    The Mandrake Hotel

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    9th January

    astro circle: align with capricorn

    Astrologist and artist Amanda Simon hosts a look at the energies of the month ahead and what to expect both individually and collectively. Tune into January’s planetary transits and moon phases, understand how you can learn from its cycles, and dive deeper into your own birth chart. Hosted each month, these sessions are a great chance to become part of an in-person astro-community!

    She's Lost Control

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    11th January

    new moon cacao & sonic medicine ceremony

    With the energy of the new moon, sound healer and teacher Kate Fleur Young leads you through an intentional ceremony, complete with a soulful sound bath and a cacao ritual. Clear away any energetic blocks, release tension through deep meditation, and raise your own vibrations for the next lunar cycle and beyond. Bliss!

    The Mandrake

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    16th January

    brightskills: how to lead with emotional intelligence

    Led by TEDx Speaker Ellie Turner Coughlin, this edition of AllBright’s online Bright Skills Series highlights the ways in which female leaders can develop their own unique qualities into a strong, professional skillset – from knowing what your individual strengths are and reputation-building to networking as a women and leaning into empathy and connection. 


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    Loewe x Cloudtilt




    22nd January

    she's lost control school: tarot beginners

    This six-week, sell-out online course by She’s Lost Control returns! Dedicated to the ancient art of Tarot, this beginner course is open to everyone and covers everything from an introductory understanding of the suits, numbers, and sequencing, all the way through to conducting impactful and accurate readings. Hosted online, it includes a course workbook filled with prompts and exercises, recorded sessions to re-watch with no expiry date, and a group chat to connect with fellow learners.

    She's Lost Control

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    25th January

    full moon ceremony at the mandrake

    Celebrate the completion of another moon cycle with renowned healer Maria Lodetoft for this restorative sound bath session. Focus on the transformative energy of the full moon with a gentle meditation and healing sounds, and set your own personal intentions for the next moon phase. It’s the perfect ritual to shift any stagnant energy and release any obstructions!

    The Mandrake

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    26th January

    channelling & embodiment

    A blend of the theoretical and practical, this workshop hosted by teacher, writer, and artist Letty Mitchell dives into the concept of channelling and the journey each of us can take to reach our full, abundant potential. Elements covered include the discovery of your own personal vibration, understanding your ego versus your intuition, plus mindful and meditative exercises.

    She's Lost Control

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