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    10 Holistic Wellness Hubs To Recenter Yourself At This December


    What are your body, mind, and soul calling for this December? Our wellness needs change over time; some months we may need a dash of high-intensity physical activity to feel our best, while at other times we should slow down, listen to our mind, body, and heart, and take time to connect with our inner selves. London is a true centre for health, wellness, and spirituality - offering ancient healing practices alongside the latest global wellbeing trends; here you can truly find a class or practice to suit your every need. 

    These are seven of the best wellness activities and centres to keep on your London-rader this December. It is the month for giving, after all, and these classes will make sure you give back to yourself this Christmas, too. There’s nothing more empowering than that. 



    Full Moon Wombens Naked Yoga Wellness Workshop

    Rise, grow, heal, and unite is the mindset behind this dance, kirtan and naked yoga gathering. Rooted in the belief that by taking part minus our usual barrier of societal-approved garb, we are free to go back to who we really are - to our soul - rather than who we choose to present ourselves as. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded sisters, embracing the powerful full moon to open up and bring energy, clarity, and grounding into our lives. Understanding that not everyone will feel comfortable as they begin this (sometimes vulnerable) journey, organiser, Chrissy, notes that you are free to wear as much or as little as you like, that the event is open to all levels and abilities, and that there will be no mirrors or mobile phones in the room. She also asks that you bring your own mat. 

    11 December: 1PM - 3.30PM 


    Women’s Wellness

    Mid-December, pre the flurry of Christmas get-togethers, celebrations, and the last-minute holiday rush, is a perfect time to make sure your own house (body) is in order. At this two hour event, hosted by Vitruvian Wellness and led by Dr. Golnoush with a PhD in Molecular Genetics, you’re invited to explore your body, ask questions, and receive any wellness support you may need. After struggling with hormonal imbalance and endometriosis, Golnoush created ScreenMe, a vaginial health test screening for yeast and bacteria, so you’ll be in knowledgeable and safe hands. 

    15th December: 5PM - 7PM  


    Rise and Shine Daytime Christmas Party 

    Christmas ‘tis the time to party but, for some, the season’s default to late night parties and flowing alcohol can feel exclusionary. The Rise and Shine Christmas Party is here to counterbalance this. Expect a good old fashioned party, with all the things we love about late night clubbing sessions - just minus the late night, and the alcohol. Taking place on a Saturday afternoon, from 1PM - 6PM, expect a chilled vibe for the first hour or so as you arrive, meet and greet, and socialise, before the harder hitting house tunes begin. Guests are invited to bring a Secret Santa present for another attendee, though with a special request - it should be something you already own. Get ready to dance the afternoon away.

    10th December: 1PM - 6PM 


    Spiritual Health And Wellbeing at The Mandrake

    With an eclectic in-room therapy menu featuring shamanic, chakra, and sound healing, The Mandrake hotel’s wellness offering has been one step ahead of most since its opening in 2017. While some of the experiences are guest-only, many are open to non-residents and bookable on the hotel’s website or via Eventbrite. From sound therapy to Reiki, card reading to cacao medicine ceremonies, there’s likely to be an event that fits your needs well, no matter how unique they may be. If not, speak to the hotel’s Spiritual Concierge - Maira Lodetoft, one half of New Earth guides and healers, Mystic Sisters - about your individual needs, and satisfy your soul with a personalised programme. 


    Deconstructed Yoga at The Stratford London

    This is yoga, but not as you know it. Yes, you’ll find aspects of Hatha and Vinyassa, but also elements of Barre, Pilates and HIIT thrown in too. And don’t expect the chilled sounds of nature as a backing track, either - you’re far more likely to hear a bit of JLo, a touch of TLC, and probably some drum and bass, too. It makes sense when you learn that it's Kage Douglas - a professional dancer who’s performed on-stage in musicals such as Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, and We Will Rock You - at the helm. All of his classes are designed to challenge and empower attendees. His Deconstructed Yoga at The Stratford is no exception. 

    Every Saturday: 9.30AM - 10.30AM


    Sound and Music Meditation at Mantra Lounge, Neals Yard 

    Covent Garden isn’t the kind of place that comes to mind for relaxation, especially on a December Friday evening when most of London, and its tourists, seem to converge on a quest for Christmas-gift shopping, or photos in front of the impressive decorations. But just a few minutes walk away, something surprising is happening. At 7PM every Friday, the conference room at Neal’s Yard meeting rooms are transformed into a space of deep spirituality, with guests gathering to chant Kirtan mantras. The Sanskrit root of the word, Kirtan, has many meanings; some referring to the act of reciting, others to celebration and praise. Those who practise it believe it to aid connection - with others and with our hearts. The Mantra Lounge team have been guiding Londoners on this path for 11 years, and have found more than one way to our hearts: they always finish the evening with tea and vegan cake. 

    Every Friday: 7PM


    Holistic Therapies at Remedi London

    There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health, wellness, spirituality, and beauty, but Remedi London is really pushing the limits. Founded by Dr Nima - an aesthetic practitioner who realises that true wellbeing needs a holistic approach - Remedi offers biohacking alongside health programmes including diagnostic testing, vitamin infusion, Reiki, acupuncture and more, and spirituality sessions such as yoga, sound therapy, and meditation. This is a space providing a true 360 approach to wellness, and one that aims to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well being. After all, more is more when it comes to being our best selves. 


    On Demand Home Fitness Streaming With KXU 

    Anytime, anywhere is the tagline for KXU On Demand Fitness and, while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it during your morning commute, these classes are designed to work around your schedule, rather than the other way. KXU, Sloane Square’s no-membership boutique fitness centre takes the non-committal approach a step (or ten burpees) further, with its substantial series of on-demand classes, accessed online. This cancel-anytime subscription allows you to workout with their world-class trainers - well - anytime, anywhere. Many of the classes don’t require special equipment meaning you can take part at home, in the park, or even in the office meeting room. Do so on the tube at your own discretion. 

    Morning Meditation at the West London Buddhist Centre 

    Start your weekend right with a Saturday morning meditation session at the West London Buddhist Centre. Part way between Paddington and Notting Hill, this is an opportunity to join a centre dedicated to the meditation practice, and one that explores traditional as well as more modern methods of mindfulness. Visit to continue your own personal, un-led meditation alongside like-minded others, or join a group session focused on Metta Bhavan, Just Sitting, Bodyscan, or the Mindfulness of Breathing. Group sessions are led by Bodhililam, Chair of the centre and with 27 years of meditation and mindfulness practice. 

    Every Saturday: 10.30AM - 12.30PM 


    Be Organised, Book Now:


    Balance Festival at The Old Truman Brewery (May 2023)

    You’ll have to wait a few months in order to take part in this one, but it’s worth booking an early-bird ticket this month. Balance Festival is coming to East London next May, and is a chance to sample the best-of-the-best in the world of wellness without committing. At least not initially: we’re sure after dropping in on taster sessions from some of London’s best boutique fitness studios, you’ll have more classes on your sign-up list than time in your week to take part. You can also shop the latest wellness, beauty, health food, and activewear brands, and take some time out in the Meditation Dome. If that isn’t enough, the festival also has a space dedicated to workshops and panels, discussing all the latest wellness innovations and insights. Sign us up, pronto. 

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