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    Introducing Apothekary, the self-described Farmacy of the Future. It’s the world’s first plant-based pharmacy that aims to get right to the root cause of our health issues, rather than just treating the top tier symptoms. It offers a slightly different way to restock your medicine cabinet, forgoing the ingredients you long cut out of the kitchen, in favour of natural (but equally as powerful) alternatives.

With its natural supplements, Apothekary’s goal is to cut potential toxins through the provision of plant-based medicine, to unite the mind, body and soul into balance. The best of traditional herbal medicine and supplements, Apothekary’s products are backed by 5000 years of science, inspired by the herbal therapy modalities of all sorts of cultures and eras. Every product is certified organic, fair-trade and non-GMO, and before the brand even hit the market, all of its ingredients went through a 12 month sourcing process, each one individually vetted by the brand’s rather discerning founder.

Easy to use, these supplement powders work well stirred into your favourite drink and particular care has been taken to ensure every single one tastes nice. We all know there’s no chance we’ll stick to taking a supplement if it tastes bad.

Plus, there’s an Apothekary formula for you, no matter how you’re feeling. Need a moment of calm? Then reach for Chill the F**k Out. Want to support your fertility or reproductive health? There’s a supplement for that too. In fact, there are formulas for everything from stress to sleep, skin to gut health, energy to immunity.

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