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    Biocol Labs

    Biocol Labs is the herbal remedy brand with boundless personality. It describes itself as the post-chemical pharmacy, creating the health essentials and supplements every modern man or woman needs but that traditional healthcare channels fail to provide.

    Founded in Lisbon, Portugal back in 1977, it’s a brand that has been around the block when it comes to providing high-end health and wellness supplements, but there’s something about Biocol Labs that feels innately modern. Why? Because each of its herbal remedies feel designed for the pitfalls and concerns of our contemporary lifestyles.

    Using nature’s most powerful botanicals, vegetable and herbal extracts, Biocol Labs makes incredible supplement formulas that come in a variety of formats, from liquid ampoules to sublingual spritzes and easily-swallowed tablets. And the range is particularly easy to navigate too, focussing solely on the lifestyle benefits of each formula. Take Something for Bloated Tums, for example, this supplement is ideal for anyone struggling with digestive issues, Or there’s Something for Dreaming, a mixture of melatonin, passion flower and lemongrass which helps to reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep. There are even herbal remedies to boost your immunity or perform a full body detox.

    As well as tasting delicious, each health solution is a joy to take, so it never feels like a chore or unpleasant daily ritual. If you’re looking for a simple boost to your wellness, or a short course of supplements to get your health and wellbeing back on track, Biocol Labs could very well be the best brand for you.
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