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    DAME.’s mission is simple: to cut plastic from our periods.

    When working on a previous period product startup, DAME’s founders were shocked to realise just how much plastic goes into the products we use month in, month out. Not only is every period product wrapped in plastic, there are also the plastic applicators, chemical dye coloured strings and fibres laced in plastic for absorbency too. They felt like they – well, all of us, really – had sleepwalked into a toxic industry full of plastic waste, synthetic ingredients and negative language. And they wanted to change things.

    So that’s exactly where the idea for DAME. began. A radically different and completely eco-friendly period product company offering a new way to menstruate that’s not just kinder on the environment, it’s kinder to you, too. In product terms, DAME. makes plastic-free tampons using organic cotton as well as a reusable antimicrobial applicator that lasts for over 3000 uses. Plus, there are reusable period pads that actually work. In other words, it’s the sustainable period products you and your period have been waiting for.

    DAME.’s three main goals are accessibility (working to ensure that people with periods everywhere have better access to products, education and information), acceptability (changing the conversation for everyone) and of course, sustainability – making products that cause as little harm to the environment as possible when made, used and finished with. So is it any wonder that the brand made it into our selective edit of incredible products? Not really.

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