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    DIRTEA was set up by two brothers who were on a mission to find ways to improve everyone’s well-being whilst balancing work, travel and play. But living busy and hectic lifestyles can also lead to a lack of energy, bad sleep, anxiety and stress. 

    In 2016, the brothers discovered mushroom tea ceremonies and they found, first hand, that drinking functional mushrooms can be a transformative experience with rapid results.

    They drank mushrooms in the morning, at work, at the gym, before bed. Over time, they began to feel more energised, focused and clear-minded. 

    So, they made it their mission to seek out and partner with the best mushroom farmers to grow and extract the world’s purest and most potent functional mushroom extract powders.

    Born under consistent rains, DIRTEA is carefully hand-crafted in the forested foothills in the centre of ancient mushroom culture. The hand-crafted mushroom extract powders come from a family who has spent over six lifetimes perfecting their craft. Based in the heart of beautiful Fujian, these family farms are nestled in the hardwood forests, lovingly known as “The World Capital of Mushrooms.”

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    Hailed for easing low mood and alleviating anxiety -helping you wind down and get a much-deserved peaceful night’s sleep
    Coming Soon...

    Lion's Mane

    Boost your memory, dials in your focus and improves your mood, whilst supporting digestion
    Coming Soon...


    Perfect choice for a pre-workout boost - giving you the clean, essential energy you need to push through your workout



    Known as nature’s performance enhancer, it improves your energy levels and physical performance


    Mushroom Coffee

    Mushrooms included in this coffee mix help fortify the immune system, improve memory, mood and focus, and support gut health
    Coming Soon...

    Mushroom Cacao

    Helps to strengthen your immune system, detox your liver and soothe stress and anxiety



    An inside-out approach to beauty, it increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen


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