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    Roam is the one-stop shop for modern and totally natural sex care. Launched to support the unique needs of all people, Roam’s mission is to help everyone embrace what feels natural to them. All of Roam’s condoms, lubes and toys have been created to help you get down with more confidence. 

    After all, sex is one of the most natural things that we as humans, can do. It also provides us with a seriously infectious natural high thanks to the release of feel-good hormones.

    Catering for everyone; whether you’re alone, exploring yourself, or exploring with a partner- male or female, Roam provides the everyday essentials you need. In fact, all sexual preferences are catered for.

    All products are dermatologically tested and pH balanced, so you can enjoy peace of mind. Plus they are all made using 100% natural ingredients, fair rubber and recyclable packaging. To reap even more benefits, Roam include skin-loving ingredients into their products such as aloe, to lock in moisture; jojoba to deeply nourish; and even tonka, in Roam’s ‘for the back Silk Lubricant, to help reduce tightness.

    The brand’s triple-tested condoms come in three different sizes (after all, you wouldn’t buy shoes that didn’t fit…) whilst lubes and toys are all visually appealing. 

    Sex positivity and healthy sexual exploration are what Roam endorse, and with their beautiful range of products, you can feel comfortable, safe and supported, whichever way you want to play.

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    For The Front Gel Lubricant

    Natural wetness in a bottle. Enjoy frictionless, pain free sex with a slippery, non-greasy, non-sticky lubricant
    Coming Soon...

    For The Back Silk Lubricant

    A water-based lubricant made for more comfortable anal sex to help you feel more relaxed and protected


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