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    Ross J Barr

    Ross J Barr
    Before you even begin to explore his incredible range of natural, food state supplements to support men and women trying to conceive, it’s important to get to know the brains behind the mission. Ross Barr is a fertility and women’s health expert, as well as a registered acupuncturist. With a reputation as one of the leading practitioners in his field, he’s a member of the British Acupuncture Council and a graduate of the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. Safe to say, he knows a lot when it comes to fertility health.

    After 12 years of treating infertility, Barr has kindly channelled his expertise into a range of natural, food state supplements packed full of everything both women and men need in the lead up to conception, as well as the nutritional extras every expectant or new mother could benefit from.

    It’s a brand built on the belief that nutrition is often the most influential non-genetic factor in foetal development, and so Ross J Barr’s supplements are designed to provide the required nutrients in the same way they would be delivered via food, making them easy to absorb so you reap the full benefit. Without synthetic chemicals, everything is made using food state nutrients spruced from plants, making it easier for the body to not only recognise each substance, but digest it too.

    Whether you’re planning on having a baby, actually trying to conceive right now or have recently discovered you’re pregnant, discover Ross J Barr’s expert range of supportive supplements here at Dandy.
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    Sleep Patches

    To be applied directly to the temples and tapped into a powerful acupuncture point


    Calm Patches

    A convenient, effective and natural way to help alleviate stress headaches and tension, as well as ease anger and frustration


    Healing Patches

    A convenient, effective and natural way to ease everyday aches and pains as well as those associated with painful menstrual cycles
    Coming Soon...

    Adrenal Calm Formula

    This one-a-day adrenal calming supplement is essentially like a natural chill pill
    Coming Soon...

    Female Fertility Formula

    Support when trying to conceive either naturally or through IVF


    Female Pregnancy Formula

    For expectant mothers from conception right through to the fourth trimester


    DHA / EPA Formula

    Designed to be taken whilst trying to conceive, during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding


    Male Fertility Formula

    For men trying to increase their fertility, increase male sexual function and increase good quality sperm production


    Probiotic Formula

    Helps ensure a harmonious digestive system and balanced microflora for optimal gut health


    Antioxidant / Q10 Formula

    Recommended for anyone over the age of 34 trying to conceive, providing a positive impact on egg maturation and egg quality


    Immunity Pack

    Four jars of immune-boosting vitamins, designed to help support the normal functioning of the immune system and promote optimal health and wellbeing


    Joint, Muscle & Bone Formula

    Contributes towards bone, muscle and joint maintenance whilst promoting the effects of calcium in the body


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