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    Susanne Kaufmann

    Susanne Kaufmann

    Susanne Kaufmann and her family have lived in the idyllic Austrian Alpine region of the Bregenzerwald for generations, yet it was in 2003 that the brand, Susanne Kaufmann was launched, inspired by the flora of this region.

    Each product - whether it be for face, body or home - follows Susanne’s founding principles of results-focused beauty and a holistic approach to wellbeing.

    The brand uses pioneering bio technologies along with the finest plants and botanicals to create powerful bio-active formulas for long-lasting, visible results. In fact, nature and science go hand in hand to offer effective skincare that really works.

    Everything at Susanne Kaufmann is made to support the skin’s natural functions so it can work at its best, allowing its vitality and beauty to shine through. 

    In order to fulfil the promise to offer natural, highly effective cosmetic products, Susanne Kaufmann follows four ethical principles: quality, effectiveness, transparency and sustainability. 

    Sustainability has been at the heart of the brand since the very beginning; a commitment to being an environmentally responsible brand is their hallmark and influences everything at Susanne Kaufmann, from the manufacturing processes to the ingredients sourced and the packaging chosen for their award-winning products. 

    Susanne Kaufmann is completely open, true, honest and direct with information about all processes and the brand provides total transparency around the sourcing of ingredients, their purity and composition, as well as the principles and manufacturing processes.

    The Susanne Kaufmann Spa, at the Hotel Post Bezau, offers the very best Eastern and Western expertise. Traditional practices meet modern day science, with the entire space being devoted to the concept of wellness, using the Susanne Kaufmann range, of course.

    Today, the Susanne Kaufmann brand combines Susanne’s expertise in natural ingredients and skincare philosophy with her values for innovation and sustainable living, and she shares this with customers all over the world.

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    Pomegranate Body Oil

    Aimed at increasing skin elasticity, stimulating cell renewal, firming and smoothing the skin whilst also protecting against free radicals.
    Coming Soon...

    Marigold Body Oil

    A beauty must-have and is the perfect accompaniment to your everyday body cleansing ritual
    Coming Soon...

    Body Butter

    Fights against dry skin, cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles and stress
    Coming Soon...

    Witch Hazel Bath

    Improves skin elasticity and protects against moisture loss for soft, supple skin
    Coming Soon...

    Mountain Pine Bath

    An aromatic bath soak developed to soothe the senses and relieve muscle tension, while leaving skin soft and supple
    Coming Soon...

    Toning Body Serum

    Clinically proven to tighten and firm the skin, improve the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic system
    Coming Soon...

    Mallow Blossom Bath

    Relax your body and mind whilst nourishing skin and preventing skin from drying out
    Coming Soon...

    Herbal Whey Bath

    A sumptuous bath soak featuring whey powder to nourish dry skin
    Coming Soon...

    St. John's Wort Bath

    Ideal for dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, irritated skin, Ph imbalance, stress and skin affected by sunburn
    Coming Soon...

    Bath for the Senses

    Bath soak perfect to use before bedtime to promote a peaceful and long-lasting slumber that melts away any pressures from the day
    Coming Soon...

    Arnica Body Oil

    Made to strengthen and protect skin from stretch marks
    Coming Soon...

    Refining Body Scrub

    Aimed at removing dead skin cells, stimulating skin cell renewal and moisturising skin,
    Coming Soon...

    Relaxing Room Diffuser

    Infuse your home with this natural room diffuser that will help bring about a perfect sense of balance.
    Coming Soon...

    Calming Pillow Spray

    Helps to calm the body and mind, relieve stress and tension. Promotes sleep and generally improves the ambient atmosphere
    Coming Soon...

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