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    There are times in which your own hands are all you need to treat your body and nurture your soul, but there are also times when a practical and effective beauty tool or device can amp up results. Designed to help you get the most out of your skin, makeup, beauty and wellness routines, seek solace in the support of Dandy’s curated edit of high performance beauty tools and devices, each hand-selected to take your at-home treatments to the next level.

    Helping you to transform your home to a wellness retreat of your own, look to Dandy-approved brands like Acupointzero; the slick wellness line applying the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the tolls of modern life. Its Ear Seed Kits tend to whatever you and your body need right now – be it better sleep, a solution to soothe anxiety, an immunity boost or help with digestion or debloating. Similarly in the acupressure space, discover Bed of Nails’ cult tools (yes, the ones you’ll have seen on social media). They help to bring this ancient practice into the home with easy-to-use mats and pillows to use alongside your meditation and relaxation rituals..

    Our edit comprises devices and tools to aid your sleep, reset your balance, boost your glow and a whole lot more besides. From tongue scrapers to eye masks, skincare massage tools to wellbeing aids, here is where you’ll find all the devices and tools you need to tune into your body and create a mini sanctuary of your own.

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